According to climate projections, in the future all Dallas sidewalks will function as stovetops. (Photo: Pockafwye/Flickr)

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By 2100, Dallas Will See 98 100-Degree Days Each Year

Your grandchildren will be broiling.

The New York Times ran a few depressing maps over the weekend that show how summer temperatures will be affected across the United States if nothing is done to slow or reverse the effects of climate change.

Between 1991 and 2010, Dallas saw an average of 44 days with high temperatures of 95 degrees or more. By 85 years from now, we’ll get about 133 a year. That’s more than one-third of the year.

And most of those days — 98 — will reach triple-digit heat.

If the projections hold, hot summers will extend much farther north in the U.S. than they do now. Even places like Minneapolis and Chicago, which get zero 100-degrees days now will have dozens each year by 2100.

Another reason to enjoy this unusually mild August in North Texas.