We have liftoff.


Welcome to the New DMagazine.com

Tell us what you think of it.

Long-suffering readers of DMagazine.com no doubt notice that this website received a bit of a makeover this past weekend. The changes that we’ve made have been undertaken with a goal of simplifying our site design — both for the good of the editorial staff that manages it and for our adoring public.

Content from across the various niche communities we serve online is now more easily discoverable, since all of it comes together on a single feed on the homepage. These changes should also speed up the time it takes for our site to load in your browser and make everything we do more readable on tablets and mobile devices.

As with any new launch, there remain bugs to be exterminated. Our team is already busily working to straighten out the problems of which we’re aware. But there are no doubt others we’ve not yet spied yet. This is where you can help. If you encounter any issues while moving about and reading our content — or even if you just want to congratulate us on work well done — please give us a heads up via this form.


  • billmarvel

    Could you make it a little less Inside Baseball? Nobody cares where you’ve been drinking or with whom or what kind of office hi-jinx occupy your time. With the takent you have, you can do better.

    • RAB

      I strongly disagree. The drinking and the office hi-jinxs are what make it fun. (Didn’t you see Peggy Noonan’s column on what makes Hillary so boring an unable to connect with the people?)