The Top 10 Things I Learned During My First Month at D Magazine

"This is amazing. People love this." The Mindy Project
“This is amazing. People love this.” The Mindy Project

1) Walking into the D Magazine office is like walking into a Mindy Kaling sitcom version of a magazine. The star of the D show is Elise Evans, who opens every scene. More of a Gwen Grandy character, Elise is perky, friendly, impeccably coiffed, and runs the front of house. Like the director of the CIA, she secretly knows the results of everyone’s personality and aptitude tests, making her the most powerful person in this place.

2) It’s an open work space, so you can overhear a lot. If you hear what sounds like foxes mating, it’s most likely Nancy Nichols imitating something: possibly mammalian, possibly avian.

3) Under absolutely no circumstances should you microwave popcorn. Ever. It’s a fireable offense—seriously.

4) There are morning meditations in the conference room. And weekly spin classes. And occasional facial peels.

5) Food randomly appears. It started with a morning fruit basket, then moved on to mimosas and breakfast tacos. Then hors d’oeuvre service by Wolfgang Puck. If you see people run-walking toward the lobby, you know it’s something good.

6) People eat bugs. And write about it.

7) Zac Crain wears actual pajamas to bed. Allegedly.

8) I needed to finally buy a laptop. Which just confirmed my absolute dislike of Apple’s stupid queue system. Although the woman who helped me was very nice.

9) These people are really smart. And talented.

10) I’m glad that, 9 years ago today after my mom died, I decided to leave the law and to go into publishing. And I’m really glad that I ended up here.


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  • OldLakeHighlander

    Welcome aboard. The lingering, omnipresent odor of burnt microwaved popcorn is what the most inner-most circle of hell smells like.

  • Dani K

    Is it true Mooney comes to the office in Civil War re-enactment garb?

  • DirtyDeedsDoneDirtCheap

    Sounds like an organization run by a woman.

  • NancyNichols

    hyenas, not foxes

  • @zaccrain

    I do wear actual pajamas to bed. Very true.