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It is time for a #Metroplexit.

As the globe struggles to understand how a people who build the Jaguar could be so stupid as to leave the EU, there are those closer to home, inspired by Britain’s bold embrace of illogic, who would like to see Texas follow suit. They’ve come up with the hashtag #Texit. I tried to make some jokes on Twitter about #Dallexit and #DalWorthingtonGardexit, but user Rodney H. found the winner. You already know what it is.

People of North Texas, unite! We are tired of all these people moving here! From California and Oklahoma, yes. But also from Houston and Austin and Wichita Falls, too. We don’t need any of them. It is time for a #Metroplexit.


  • It must be a bleak life to be so cowardly as to not want independence.

  • JamieT

    Students of British history still marvel at how those blue-painted savages were ever able to drag themselves far enough out of their pit of human sacrifice and despair to even spell “Jaguar” prior to joining the EU. Sadly, though, this latest move only serves to remind us that one simply can’t save every stray nation that willfully hurls itself onto the wrong side of history.

    Surely Ross Perot is gloating today, having had the foresight to unload that old parchment while he could still get something for it.

  • JamieT

    Seriously, though, apart from the UK’s just having thrown a monkey wrench into the transcendent narrative that the bureaucratic administrative state is the natural and logical successor to the historical democratic republican nation state, I don’t quite understand all the pearl clutching outside of the UK itself.

    Because the markets trembled? Because for some reason it has now become self-evident to some that, overnight, more than half of Brits have now ripped off their masks and revealed themselves to be nothing more than snarling, racist xenophobes? Because trade in D subscriptions with Britain is now in peril?

    Perhaps I’m the one who needs to consider a somber question: how can I in good conscience inhabit the same planet with such monsters?