Winners and Losers This Week in Dallas: 5/13/16

Is Scooter the cat a winner or a loser this week? Read on to find out.

Scooter keeps on keepin' on.
Scooter keeps on keepin’ on. (Photo: Guiness)


Congratulations to the 30-year-old Siamese from Mansfield, who this week was crowned the oldest cat in the world by Guinness. Scooter’s secrets to longevity include getting blow-dried after baths and snacking on chicken. +270

UPDATE: RIP, Scooter

Fort Worth ISD
The school district stood up for its policy allowing transgender students into the bathroom of their choice, even as Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick came to town looking to score political points by railing against a local governmental body deciding for itself how it wants to handle matters in its own community and calling for the district superintendent’s resignation. +79,000

An illustration of what the big, fancy new McKinney ISD stadium would look like.
An illustration of what the big, fancy new McKinney ISD stadium would look like.

McKinney Football Fans
Voters in the Collin County exurb last weekend approved a bond package that includes funding to build a 12,000-seat, nearly $63 million temple to high school football along State Highway 121 northwest of Central Expressway. It will be the most expensive high school stadium in the country, supplanting troubled Eagle Stadium in neighboring Allen. +36,000

Rob Kaplan
The president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas rode a DART bus on Monday for a tour of South Dallas neighborhoods, at the behest of a nonprofit that advocates for social and economic equality. He said all the right things regarding his concern over the issue of income inequality. Sure, there’s not a lot the Fed chief has the power to change himself, but his trip indicated a willingness to listen to a group whose invitation his predecessor in the job had declined. +5

Tim's shoes, courtesy of Costco.
Tim’s shoes, courtesy of Costco.

Thanks to the Dallas City Council paying Costco its requested $3 million bribe, Tim will have much more convenient access to buying his favorite new $10 shoes. +10



The Idea of Dallas as a Beacon of Civilization
How can we feel great about our city this week, after the horrific mauling and death of Antoinette Brown? -1.2 million

McKinney Taxpayers
Considering that even supporters of building a fancy new high school football stadium conceded that the district’s existing 7,000-seat ball park has more than an enough room in it, and considering all the difficulties that neighboring Allen ISD has had with its own gee-whiz altar to the gods of sport, it’s not hard to imagine McKinney ISD residents ruing the day they decided to pay for the project. -24,000

November 2008 D CEO cover
Sam Wyly can NOT blame this one on a D CEO cover curse.

Sam Wyly
A judge determined the Dallas former billionaire, and his late brother Charles, committed tax fraud in setting up trusts in the Isle of Man in the 1990s. He could owe the IRS up to $1.4 billion in back taxes and penalties. -1.4 billion

Ethan Couch
The “affluenza”-afflicted teenager’s jail sentence of nearly two years — imposed after he’d violated probation by fleeing to Mexico and had his case transferred to adult court — was upheld by a judge this week. -720

Dallas Stars
It was a shame, after a tremendous season that saw the Stars top the NHL’s Western Conference standings, to see the team embarrassed by a 6-1 Game 7 loss at home, courtesy of the St. Louis Blues. -5


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