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Zac Crain Defends Dallas on Thrillist

Zac Crain Defends Dallas on Thrillist
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When someone from NYC-based Thrillist asked me who should write an essay for them about how Dallas really is a cosmopolitan city, I said, “Man, that’s a really tall order. Striking the right tone, not coming across as defensive, having a sense of humor — there just aren’t too many people here who could pull that off.” Mark Lamster was my first thought. Since moving here from New York, that guy has fallen head over heels in love with Dallas. I was walking through downtown the other day and ran into him. We stopped and had a conversation on a sidewalk within eyesight of the Robert Jeffress Fountain. Lamster went on and on about how much he digs Dallas and how it’s so much better than New York. He was so effusive that I almost felt embarrassed for him.

Anyway, I figured Lamster was too busy to write the essay, so I suggested Zac. He did a fine job.