"The Real Housewives of Dallas" premieres April 11 on Bravo.

What We Saw at Last Night’s Real Housewives of Dallas Premiere

The elegant lighting and soft R&B set a glamorous scene for The Real Housewives of Dallas premiere last night at the Chandelier Room. While the press tested their microphones and asked “what’s that one’s name again?” to one another, I took a lap around the venue. Cocktail tables and couches were spread throughout, set with Bravo pillows and RHOD napkins. The pink-and-purple tones in the lights and the simple flower arrangements added to the atmosphere. Guests were dressed in typical Dallas fashion – plenty of logos and fake nails. Thankfully, cowboy boots were nowhere in sight. The singular exception was a gentleman wearing a flashy Texas flag tie and bedazzled cowboy hat. His ensemble left me hoping that — perhaps — it was done for irony.

Once the Housewives arrived, the sweet, high-pitched greetings began. A few cheek kisses and photographs later, the Housewives graced me with a few moments of their time. 

I’ll skip the bios. Here’s what I thought:

Cary Deuber

After letting interviewers from Kidd Kraddick name her boobs, the mother/nurse/yoga enthusiast told us about her favorite Dallas spots, including FT33 and Filament, and about the initial “meltdown” she had during the beginning of the filming process. It’s apparent that the initial reservations she had have morphed into a confidence she carries well.

Tiffany Hendra

I could easily place Tiffany in the category of “most genuine.” She and her musician husband moved back to Dallas for her to feel closer to home. When the duo isn’t enjoying cocktails at The Rustic, you’ll find them searching for hiking trails around the city. Regarding the show, Hendra says, “It’s a reality show; it isn’t brain surgery. It’s entertainment!” 

Stephanie Hollman

The overwhelming demands of camera life haven’t kept this girl next door from being herself. Her nature is fun-loving and family-oriented, and she’s twice as stunning when you see her up close. When I asked about the show’s representation of Dallas, she said she hopes to represent herself rather than the city. 

LeeAnne Locken

The self-proclaimed “mouth of the South” was powerful and confident in front of the cameras. Give her the chance, and she’ll tell you everything about herself. Don’t give her the chance, and she will still tell you everything about herself. 

Brandi Redmond

The excited redhead well represents the stereotypical Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. You’ll want to watch her interactions with Locken throughout the show. 

The seemingly sweet personalities on the red carpet seemed well aligned with the personalities on the show, until – of course – the drama began. Here’s a checklist of Dallas stereotypes you can expect on the first episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, premiering  April 11 on Bravo:

Disclaimer: I advise against turning this list into a drinking game, but if you do, well …”bless your heart.”

• Big hair

• Ditzy cheerleader

• Plastic surgery 

• Day drinking 

• Charity

• Shopping 

• More charity 

• More day drinking 

Lena Ohanian is a D Magazine intern.


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