Poll: What Should We Rename the Continental Avenue Bridge?

There's a proposal to honor Ron Kirk.

One of the earliest events when the Continental Avenue Bridge opened as a pedestrian space in 2014 was a gospel brunch.  (Photo: Desiree Espada)
One of the earliest events when the Continental Avenue Bridge opened as a pedestrian space in 2014 was a gospel brunch. (Photo: Desiree Espada)

Christiana mentioned in “Leading Off” the proposal to change the name of the Continental Avenue Bridge to honor former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk. The suggestion came from Mary McDermott Cook, who was slated to become the bridge’s namesake after a $10 million donation was made on her behalf in 2009.

Choosing Kirk instead strikes some critics as ironic, given his support for a toll road project that would necessitate the removal of about 9 percent of the bridge.

But what do you think we should call it?


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  • J. McKenzie

    The picture on this post of people doing yoga was taken on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. D Magazine really knows Dallas!


  • Jason Heid

    Corrected: My brain came in late this morning. Originally put up a photo from a yoga event on Large Marge. I beg your eternal forgiveness.

  • lakewoodhobo

    How about “Exxxotica Bridge”?

    • Jason Heid

      Damn’t. That’s good.

  • Michael Kenyon

    Where’s the Bridgey McBridgeFace option?

    • Jason Heid

      Interesting. Another option worth considering.

  • PeterTx52

    How about Reunion Bridge since it leads you to the area that was once La Reunion.

  • Al Deron

    the big CON

  • mikeorren
  • cesar

    cesar chavez of course

  • Ox-Bow

    “Ernie Banks Viaduct”

  • mrEmannE

    If the city powers have their way and stick a troll road in the river, we should call it”Heavens Gate”, because crossing it will be a life or death experience.

  • Raymond M. Crawford

    Hilarious that the Dallas Illuminati has packed the votes for Ron Kirk. So lame.

  • bbetzen

    Due to the terrible manipulation of the public vote in 2007, and the role of Ron Kirk in the entire toll road process, it is exceptionally ironic that they want his name on the Continental Bridge. How would the public accept that?

  • Brandon Snook

    If we are entertaining mayors from the 90s, can we also entertain fake people? I vote for the John Ross Ewing Bridge.

  • Shawn

    The troll road bridge named after all the trolls that lied to us and pulled a “baited and switch” on us citzens.

  • Shawn

    The vote should be to vote out the mayor and the council that took money from landowners downtown thwt plan on enriched themselves with money that was suppose to be a park road and not a six lane super highway that divides us, not unites us, with a park that was never funded. Sad mayor, sad council. They need to go bye bye with our effort that canvas their districts.

  • Eric Foster

    People will just assume the bridge is named after Captain Kirk.