Local News

Leading Off (3/9/16)


Swaziland Elephants On the Way to Dallas. Eighteen pachyderms were sedated and loaded into crates, then loaded onto a cargo plane bound for the U.S. Officials from the Dallas Zoo and the other two other zoos involved in the transfer rushed in an effort to move the elephants before a court could rule on a temporary restraining order that would have halted the move. Dallas Zoo’s Harrison Edell explained a bit of the 18-elephants-in-a-cargo plane thing during his last Earburner appearance.

Prosecutors: Men Charged in Southlake Murder Linked to 12 Other Killings. Two men charged with murdering an attorney in Southlake three years ago might be linked to at least a dozen other killings, according to prosecutors in the case. Both suspects are former police officers. The trial of is set to start next month in Fort Worth.

Remains Identified as Missing Mother. Police confirmed yesterday that the body found under the Dowdy Ferry Bridge belonged to 34-year-old Marisol Espinosa, a mother of three who has been missing since late December. The death is being investigated as a homicide.

Chuck Norris Endorses Ted Cruz. Looking back in a few years, this probably won’t even be in the top 20 strangest headlines from this ridiculous election. Also: Cruz won Idaho last night. Trump won Mississippi, Michigan, and Hawaii, giving him more than a third of the total delegates he needs for the nomination.