Leading Off (3/8/16)

Prepare for possible severe weather today.

Prepare For Possible Severe Weather in Dallas. Yesterday, the heavy rain stayed north and west of Dallas and Fort Worth, but forecasters say mighty winds, large hail, flooding, and potential for tornadoes could roll in today. Stay safe and dry (and park in a garage if you can).

Murdered Rowlett Mother Case May Have A Second Person of Interest. A 37-year-old Rowlett mother, Laura Grillo, was killed inside her home last November, and police have been investigating three people in connection to the murder. One of them, Jesus Trevino, has possibly fled to Mexico, and James Villeda was announced as the second person of interest Monday. Both men are convicted sex offenders and worked for Grillo and her fiancé.

Dallas Zoo Asks Court To Dismiss Suit That Would Prevent African Elephants’ Arrival. The nonprofit animal-rights group Friends of Animals wants to prevent the Dallas Zoo and two others from bringing 18 elephants from a drought-stricken part of Africa to join their ranks. The zoo is arguing to the court that Friends of Animals is taking advantage of the federal court system in pursuit of its own agenda instead of protecting legal sanctity. It’s silly, if you ask me. Hand over the elephants already.

Greg Hardy Probably Won’t Return to The Cowboys. The chance is there, but slim, and that makes me happy.