Mark Cuban Gives Us Good Reason to Weep For the Future of the Republic

God help us all if he's right.

Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban

Today on his blog, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban opined about the presidential race. He begins:

There is a mantra I repeat all the time: “If the information is important it will find me” . We don’t go find the news. It finds us.  The majority of presidential election voters don’t turn on the evening news or open a newspaper or even tune to cable news network to learn about the candidates and decide on who they will vote for it.  They probably can’t name all the candidates running for POTUS.  I’m not sure if they care.

What they trust are their social media news feeds.  Whats on their instagram.  Whats mentioned on snapchat stories.  What’s in their FB feed.

He’s right. So many of us live in a virtual echo chamber we’ve fashioned for ourselves that it’s little wonder the brashest voices tend to win out.

Cuban suggests that politicians looking to capture the youth vote would be smarter to eschew courting traditional influencers and to pursue instead the endorsement of the Internet-famous, like this kid:

God help us all.