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Things to Do in Dallas

Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 7

Jerry Springer does Elvis karaoke in Uptown.
Jerry Springer does Elvis karaoke in Uptown.
Jerry Springer does Elvis karaoke in Uptown.

I made the mistake of starting my day by visiting a website with the express mission statement of “blogging the end of the world.” The blog went to the trouble of compiling the “50 doomiest graphs of 2015,” drawing from various news sources to paint a gloomy picture of environmental degradation, rising sea levels, and mass extinction. I found this one, “U.S. population below projected high tide lines in two global warming scenarios,” to be especially terrifying. Most of my morning was occupied with thoughts of New Orleans joining Atlantis on the seabed. It was not a happy commute to the office.

But after looking at today’s events, you can’t convince me that it’s not a wonderful time to be living and breathing in Dallas, TX. Jerry Springer is doing Elvis karaoke in Uptown. Life is amazing.

The king of trash television, as he has done in years past, will sing Elvis Presley songs tonight at McKinney Avenue Tavern, the Uptown watering hole owned by radio’s Big Al Mack. (Side note: Big Al Mack is a moniker that never caught on when I foolishly tried to nickname myself in the second grade.) Springer does an impressive Elvis impersonation, which may or may not surprise you. The show starts at 8 pm.

Carlos Mencia has been justly pilloried for being a brazen joke thief and part-time jerk, but let’s give him a second chance. America loves a good redemption story. The comedian, formerly of Mind of Mencia, is at the Addison Improv through the weekend.

Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3 is a notoriously daunting challenge for classical musicians. The fearless pianist Kirill Gerstein will wrestle with the beast tonight at the Meyerson in a performance that also features Mussorgsky-Ravel’s Picture at an Exhibition and the world premiere of Qigang Chen’s The Five Elements. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra program runs through the weekend.

The second season of the hit podcast Serial hasn’t proved as compelling as its first. America may have moved on to Netflix’s Making a Murderer, or maybe the January issue of D Magazine, for its true crime fix. Regardless, I’m still on board with the story of Bowe Bergdhal, if only for the Mail Chimp ads. Sundown at Granada will host a free listening party for the podcast’s new episode tonight.

The Dallas Safari Club’s annual convention kicked off this morning and continues for the next several days downtown. Here’s the DSC statement on the whole Cecil the Lion incident from last year, in case you were wondering.

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