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Things to Do in Dallas

Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 27

A hit musical asks, "What if?" It then answers the question.
Anthony Rapp and Jackie Burns in If/Then. Photo by Joan Marcus, courtesy of ATTPAC.
Anthony Rapp and Jackie Burns in If/Then. Photo by Joan Marcus, courtesy of ATTPAC.

My week is on an upward trajectory. The roommates left town, which means I can listen to this Downtown Boys record at unusual hours and punishing volumes. As the Oscar of my present domestic situation, I can happily watch the dishes pile up without judgment. I can spend three hours in the shower, if I so desire. I can sleep on the couch, the floor, the kitchen table — really any surface in the apartment. I can come home late and loud after an evening spent at the Winspear watching the hit musical If/Then, or at Bass Performance Hall seeing the Shaping Sound dance troupe do its thing.

Live every week like your roommates are in Portland. Stay out late on a Wednesday and cause your own private scene when you return home. You deserve it.

This may sound familiar, because it’s the basic plot of one out of every four musicals, television shows, and films ever made: A young person, living in New York, struggles with romance. If/Then, the hit Broadway musical opening a week-long Dallas run tonight at the Winspear, has a clever bit to keep things interesting. The musical poses the question “What if?” and then follows through, showing the two paths our heroine’s life could take after she is confronted with a critical dilemma.

The Shaping Sound dance troupe, who you may know from television, “reimagines dance” tonight at Bass Performance Hall.

A couple literary events for your evening: Wordspace’s Pegasus Reading Series at Kettle Art has Korean poet Kim Kyung Ju and translator Jake Levine on deck tonight. Over at Wild Detectives, hard-boiled detective fiction writer Reed Farrel Coleman reads from his latest novel, Where It Hurts. The Washington Post dug it.

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