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Things to Do in Dallas

Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Jan. 19

A trio of shows at the Dallas Contemporary, a "How Stuff Works" podcast, and more.
Jeff Zilm. Installation view of exhibition at AND NOW, 2014. Courtesy of AND NOW and the artist
Jeff Zilm. Installation view of exhibition at AND NOW, 2014. Courtesy of AND NOW and the artist

Now that Glenn Frey is taking it easy at the great Hotel California in the sky, will we see a David Bowie-esque glut of local events paying tribute to the late Eagles guitarist? Probably not. Blame The Big Lebowski. Don’t let Jeff Bridges or the cool kids tell you what to do, however: Play “Tequila Sunrise” tonight, and play it loud.

2016 is sure off to a deathly start. Are we on the brink of a wave of aging boomer icons shuffling off the old mortal coil? Bob Dylan is 74. Neil Young is 70. Iggy Pop is 68. Keith Richards is older than recorded history. Life is fleeting. Time is a one-way street. You never know when you’re going to go.

But we’ll always have tonight, a wonderful time when we were looking forward to a trio of new shows at the Dallas Contemporary, a “How Stuff Works” podcast at the Texas Theatre, and the pianist Yefim Bronfman at Bass Performance Hall.

Three new shows are up and running at the Dallas Contemporary. Some previously overlooked radical feminist work is explored in Black Sheep Feminism, along with exhibits from Dallas artist Jeff Zilm (read our Q&A here) and Aura Satz.

The Stuff You Should Know podcast excels at the craft of the fun fact. Recent topics include “the duality of caffeine” and “how Lizzie Borden worked.” Tonight, the informative show will be live at the Texas Theatre.

Yefim Bronfman plays the heck out of the piano. Philip Roth once described the virtuoso as “conspicuously massive through the upper torso, a force of nature camouflaged in a sweatshirt, somebody who has strolled into the Music Shed out of a circus where he is the strongman and who takes on the piano as a ridiculous challenge to the gargantuan strength he revels in.” Bronfman, “the brontosaur,” performs tonight at Bass Performance Hall.

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