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Things to Do in Dallas

Things To Do In Dallas Tonight Episode CCLIII: December 17

Stay Force Awoken, Dallas.


It is a Thursday night in Dallas. A new STAR WARS film, advertised as the movie that will restore balance to the Force, is opening in theaters.

Months ago, you and your friends bought tickets for opening night, putting an inordinate amount of trust in a man who seems to think a Little Rascal name like “J.J.” is appropriate for an adult.

There are other things to do in Dallas, but they are irrelevant. After work, you will race to the theater with fingers crossed, hoping that THE FORCE AWAKENS will restore freedom to the galaxy…

Todd has seen the new Star Wars film, and assures me his review is spoiler-free. I’m not going to chance it, but the headline (“Past Present: Abrams Proves He’s a Worthy Understudy with The Force Awakens“) and the letter grade (B+) bode relatively well. A few lunatics, including local theater director of note Lee Trull, are presently enduring marathons of all six prior Star Wars movies. You’ll catch me at the 10:30 show tonight with bells and a Darth Vader T shirt on. But where should you see The Force Awakens if you have yet to snag tickets? Consult our handy guide and find out.

A.A. Bondy is not in Star Wars, but let’s not hold that against him. The folk singer performs at Three Links.

Girl In A Coma, the fantastic San Antonio power pop trio, performs at Dada. If you are waiting to see Star Wars some other time, you should be here.

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