The City of Dallas Continues To Bulldoze the Trinity Forest

The D Magazine world headquarters are closed this week. I should be unplugged, resting, recharging. And yet there I was this morning at Top Golf, reading, between turns, this important, well-reported, balanced story by the Observer’s Eric Nicholson (don’t feel too bad for me). I’m afraid there are too many people this week similarly unplugged, people who will miss this story, city officials who will therefore not feel the appropriate heat on their heels.

The short version: Trinity Watershed Management continues to be the worst city department in Dallas. Trees continue to be bulldozed. The forest continues to be degraded. And no one is held accountable. Every couple of months, we hear another story like the one Nicholson brings us today. And the city responds: “A contractor screwed up. We’ve got the problem corrected. It won’t happen again.”

It has happened too many times. No one ever gets fired. All the mismanagement, it all ultimately falls at the feet of City Manager A.C. Gonzalez. It’s time for change.


  • bill holston

    Ben and I have hiked those woods, We’ve seen Pileated Woodpeckers flying high overhead. I love what Sean says, there are real wild places in those woods.

  • OldLakeHighlandeer

    By the time “What were we thinking?” is uttered by our city planners in response to a continuously swamped golf course in bottomland over an old garbage dump, pockets will have been lined, fancy plaques with important names will have been hung, and the city will be on the hook for eternal maintenance. And these same planners will then be working on the next big swindle.

  • Paul


  • tested123

    Let me make a big jump ahead and suggest who should replace A.C. Gonzalez: Tom Muehlenbeck. He was the long-time city manager in Plano during its rapid growth who left a few years ago. All sides said it was amicable and they named the big rec center after him. However, he left not long after the city council there refused to raise taxes to avoid deeper job cuts. You can put the pieces together and figure out that’s why he left. Personally, I think the city council was right, but aside from all of that, Muehlenbeck is an excellent manager. He would greatly improve the mess at Dallas City Hall. He’s currently an interim city manager in McKinney and is probably available.

  • John Barr

    AC Gonzales is a good city mgr. You guys don’t know how many depts this city has and how damned hard it is to get anything done. Go park your car in front of the tree. Do something. Call Gonzales and whistle him down there. I’ve driven those off shoot roads. The law requires you award bids to numb skulls. Do something but bitch.