Podcast: The Triumphant Return of EarBurner

Let's talk about elephants with the Dallas Zoo's Harrison Edell.

These are elephants. (Photo: Flickr/Clive Reid)
These are elephants. (Photo: Flickr/Clive Reid)

Previously on EarBurner: The D Magazine Podcast, our first season ended on a cliffhanger. Tim had been assimilated by the Borg Collective after he shot J.R. for saying Rachel’s name at his wedding. Zac was left alone at Table No. 1 of the Old Monk, realizing as he read from Leaves of Grass that his trusted compatriot has been the mysterious Heisenberg all along and yelling plaintively, “We have to go back, Kate. We have to go back.”

Of course, we can’t go back. So onwards and upwards we head to Season 2 with the return Harrison Edell, senior director of living collections at the Dallas Zoo. He stopped by to talk about — among other topics, including dolphin rape — the recent controversy surrounding the zoo’s plans to relocate six African elephants from the drought-stricken country of Swaziland to southern Dallas.

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But first, a few notable notes:

1. EarBurner’s previous episode dropped on October 26. That means we’ve taken a hiatus of five weeks between seasons.

2. Dallas Plan Commissioner Bobby Abtahi ran for the Dallas City Council District 14 seat in 2013. He lost to two-time EarBurner guest Philip Kingston. Incidentally, Abtahi’s campaign website URL has been put to work for entirely different purposes since then.

3. If your car is damaged by a pothole in Dallas, you can file a claim with the city’s Office of Risk Management. Good luck with that. State law allows for pretty much all such claims to be denied.

4. Despite what Tim learned from Catch Me If You Can, you can’t become a lawyer in Louisiana without a J.D. Only in Virginia, Vermont, Washington, and California, can you take the bar exam without any law school. In New York, Maine, and Wyoming, you needn’t have graduated, but you must have logged a little time in the classroom.

5. The ventriloquist on Solid Gold was Wayland Flowers. His dummy was called Madame.

6. The Kingdom of Swaziland is a small country in southern Africa. It’s surrounded on three sides by South Africa and to the east by Mozambique.

7. Only humans are known to cry as an emotional response, though when elephants shed tears (as a number of mammals do, but primarily as a means of cleaning out their eyes) it is sometimes believed to be due to sadness. Since we can’t read their minds, however, this remains uncertain.

8. In The Mosquito Coast, Harrison Ford plays an inventor who moves his family to Central America.

9. Liam Hemsworth played the lead in the 2013 movie Paranoia.

10. In the 1999 movie Random Hearts, Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas play a man and a woman whose spouses die in a plane crash. They subsequently learn that their dead loved ones were having an affair.

11. The Dallas Mavericks have lost three of their last five games.

See you next week, we hope.