Morning News Snubs Jim Schutze

Schutze in suit

This is actually kind of funny. The News today carries an obit of John A. Hardman, the puppeteer and voice behind NorthPark’s Scrooge. That’s not the funny part. Hardman was great at what he did. I have always enjoyed his cantankerous, insulting Scrooge. His passing is a sad event, and he’ll be missed. No, the funny part is that an individual named Will Schutze, an acolyte of Hardman’s, is quoted in the story. The paper IDs Schutze thusly: “son of the Dallas Morning News’ former gardening editor Mariana Greene.” Okay, but that name. Schutze. It doesn’t match his mother’s last name. It sounds so familiar. Schutze. Hmm. Schutze, Schutze — ah, yes! Will is also the son of Jim Schutze, the Dallas Observer’s bearded, laconic gadfly. No offense to the former gardening editor of the paper, but of Will’s two parents, Jim is the one who belongs in the ID. Or who also belongs in the ID.

If anyone else has a nit, I’m happy to pick it.


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  • PeterTx52

    that is sad. I think more folk know Jim than they do his distaff side

  • PtP

    This omission sounds similar to your snubbing of DMN when you published this blog post. There are several DMN employees who are former D Mag employees, yes?

  • bmslaw

    Or, the DMN just wanted to give full disclosure to the relationship between the person being quoted, and his mother, who is a former DMN editor. The quoted person’s father, who has no prior relationship with the DMN, does not warrant any such disclosure.

    • Thank you for comment.

      You’re right. It’s easy to see how a former gardening editor might pressure the paper to include her son in a story about a puppeteer. So it’s good that they’d disclose that relationship.

      • bmslaw


  • Thank you for your comment.

    Really, I was just talking about three magazines. There are a lot more connections among those than there are the DMN and D. But let’s see. Laura Jacobus worked at D many years ago. Chris Mosley used to work here. I’m sure I’m forgetting someone.

    But I don’t think that situation is anything like the current Schutze deal.

    Anyway, thanks again for your comment.

    • Helen of Helana

      Thank you for reframing the conversation, but I agree that you snubbed DMN. DMag to DMN employees included Laura and Chris, plus Evan Grant, Kyle Kearbey, Stephanie Quadri, Mike Orren, Stacey Yervasi, Sarah Blasovich, Jerry McClure, Elise Anthony and many, many others.


  • DW

    My guess is that even if it had been JIM’s obit, they wouldn’t have mentioned him by name. He’d be referred to as the husband of a home chickening aficionado and dedicated father of a puppet lover.

  • billmarvel

    This was a dishonorable unmention, and I’m ashamed of the News.

  • Doug Swanson

    My son, Sam Swanson, is an actor who has appeared in a number of local stage productions. Every time the News runs a story or review in which he is mentioned, it adds that I am a staff writer at the paper. There’s no conspiracy here to snub the estimable Jim Schutze. This is simply a matter of the News making full disclosure.

  • Happy Bennett

    JS’s stature is elevated exponentially in my eyes since learning of his connection with the delightful Mariana Greene–whose thoughtful columns reflected a genteel “Gladys Taber” touch.

  • I have long wondered why I so frequently see the name Sam Swanson in the paper. I’d thought it was because it’s so alliterative, so fun to say. Now I know the truth. It’s because his dad exercises his great influence to get his son’s name in print.

    • Doug Swanson

      It’s true. I also get to decide which words will appear in the Daily Jumble.

    • joytipping

      Oh, Tim. If he wasn’t a TERRIFIC actor, he wouldn’t be mentioned in the DMN at all. You know I’m no fan of the DMN, but Doug isn’t that kind of reporter.

      • I was being ironic, Joy. Sorry that didn’t come across clearly.

        • joytipping

          I think I was in a bad mood that day 😉

      • My mother called me Francis

        Joy – Are you not a fan of DMN since/because of your departure or were you unhappy during most of your tenure?

  • TheGuy

    This is a lot of ink for a puppeteer, although Hardman was a good one. I’m reminded of Catherine Keener’s response in “Being John Malkovich” to John Cusack, who confessed to her in a bar that he was a puppeteer—-“check, please.”

  • Larry Brautigam

    Perfectly exemplifies the small-mindedness of the DaMN Snooz.

  • See? I knew I was forgetting people.

  • Lorax

    I agree with others here that Tim snubbed the Dallas Morning News again.

  • Jim Schutze

    Mainly our son has always chafed under the embarrassingly worshipful gaze of his ink-stained parents, both of whom stuck his picture and idiotic mentions of him into stories and freelance assignments on the dumbest of pretexts starting when he was born.He came home from school at age 8 after a teacher held up his picture in a magazine to show the class and told us, “You guys need to get some new material.”