Can DA Susan Hawk Try a Case Fairly?


You might have seen that Susan Hawk will personally try a murder case this week. Given how seldom this happens, I have a question. How can the trial be fair? If I’m on the jury, my thinking goes like this: Hawk isn’t going to take a case that needs much work. She’s going to pick a slam dunk. No way she’d risk the headline “DA Loses Murder Case.” So this guy must be triple guilty. Like, we can just skip to the closing arguments. Let’s wrap this up. I don’t need to see any evidence. Now, where do I get my parking ticket validated? Who wants to join me at Topgolf? Because I’ve got the afternoon off. No way am I going in to work.

Is it just me? Shouldn’t the defense start by moving for a mistrial?

(Full disclosure: I didn’t go to law school.)