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Truth Opens in Dallas Today. Listen to Mary Mapes and Dan Rather on EarBurner Before Going

Do your homework before seeing it.

Truth, the new film about the controversy over documents purporting to disclose how President George W. Bush didn’t live up to his National Guard duties during the Vietnam War, finally opens in Dallas today.

Before heading to the theatre, read our November D Magazine story profiling Mary Mapes, the Dallas-based TV news producer involved in what has become known as “Rathergate.” And listen to appearances by Mapes and longtime CBS anchor Dan Rather on our podcast, EarBurner.


  • Ambulanceguy

    No matter how much these two rationalize they screwed up big time for a story that really wasn’t new or worth the trouble. Maybe the movie makes them feel better but it doesn’t change the facts.

    • Chicago “FOX”

      I see you are a big talking dude hiding behind a no name post–I would have read what you had to say but being so cowardly as to not give your real name is a sign of cowardice—Just about every one is diverted from the real truth –was it true I firmly believe it was–The movie pointed out the INTEGRITY and COURAGE of Ms Mapes and Dan Rather—What was pointed out about Mr “w” drinking “coke” and being Awol for over a year The Bush lawyers will sue at the drop of a hat if one I or t is not properly shown –I’ll be waiting for the lawsuit to happen –I predict it will never happen because in a trial you can put people under OATH and do a bit of cross examination..but sometime a scenario can be obscured and live in a land of haze and fog..just as the movie so well depicted—I enjoy writing movie reviews and this is what I label these comments –A movie review ..Mr Redfords hair could have been more a bit to the reddish side and Cate Blanchett’s teeth could have a bit whiter ”some elements of her clothing would not have been my choice for such a distinguished journalist Charles Belenchia

  • Happy Bennett

    Actually–I was talked into seeing this movie with a relative who likes recent political historical/current affairs documentaries and I was prepared not to like it, but it is a surprisingly well acted and engrossing film. Ms. Mapes was fired from CBS and has not worked in television journalism since 2004 which is a shocking amount of time to be “Gulaged” or exiled from your career. (I would speculate that hardened criminals are often treated better). The background story including some colorful Texas (political and other) characters is really interesting as well as the corporate machinations in play. I would say (and I seldom do) that regardless of your politics you would find this to be worthwhile. Although I generally have no use for journalists these days I would wish Ms. Mapes well (or at least better treatment ) in future endeavors.