Ghosts of Dallas: SMU Student Officers, 1949

A look back at past leaders on the Hilltop.

SMU Ghosts


Winners of the student elections at Southern Methodist University are shown walking across campus, left to right: Russ Thornton, editor-elect of the campus student newspaper; Miss Betty Joe Peacock, secretary-elect of the student body; Dick Wilke, president-elect; Miss Evelyn Dukkony, vice president-elect and Mark Wilson, head cheerleader-elect,” June 1949.

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Original photo: From the collections of the Texas/Dallas History and Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

Photo: Leah Clausen

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  • Eric Foster

    Bishop Richard Wilke, Retired
    Russ Thornton, Lawyer
    Betty Joe Peacock (Mrs. Jess Hay), she is deceased
    Evelyn Dukkony Strubinger (Mrs. William J. Strubinger)

    Mark Wilson TBD