What Happened to Citizen Oversight of the Trinity River Project?

It became another CIty Council committee.

After reading late last week about Mayor Rawlings’ plan to make more plans for the city’s largest park (without the involvement of the Parks Department or the citizens of Dallas), I thought it was time to check in on the status of the Trinity Citizens’ Oversight Committee. As you may recall, the Trinity Dream Team’s leader, Larry Beasly, stated their proposal needed “public input and confirmation,” and that the design process “needs a conscience that is ‘of the people.'”

Their “suggestion (was) a carefully arranged monitoring of implementation, (then) and on an ongoing basis into the distant future, but an oversight panel of independent professional and citizen monitors who can make sure the concept does not get distorted through the detailed design process.” Peter Simek reported Beasly as stating that the multi-disciplinary team of experts should actually report to the citizens group. In that same piece, Council Member Lee Kleinman was quoted as stating his desire for more public input. The Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects also publicly endorsed such an approach, stating they “strongly advocat(e) for an oversight body comprised of Dream Team members, local design organizations (including AIA Dallas) and private citizens to ensure that the vision of the Dream Team is faithfully reflected in the design and execution of a Great Trinity Park Parkway.”

So where do we stand on the formation of such an independent oversight body? Well, according to this week’s City Council briefing

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 11.48.22 AM


Hmm… it looks like the “Citizens Group” has somehow morphed into the Dallas City Council Transportation and Trinity River Project Committee. And who, you may ask, are those people?

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 11.53.21 AM

So, there you have it: public oversight, City of Dallas-style. Lee Kleinman will be seeking public input and oversight from a citizens committee headed by Lee Kleinman.


  • Hal Barker

    Why I am shocked and surprised that I didn’t get a call to be on this Citizen Oversight Committee!!!

    Opps as Rick Perry would say.. They don’t want Citizens. They want politicians and yes-folks. Smoke and mirrors as always.

  • Larry Brautigam

    The answer is… just refer to the other definition of oversight.

  • WylieFan

    Is there any chance you would be a guest on Earburner? They could use a voice modulator (or simply rely on the crappy recording equipment as disguise enough…I kid!). Anyway, you could do it at or from an undisclosed location. It’d be fascinating and D mag synergy.
    Please consider.

    • Wylie H Dallas

      I’d love to, sometime.

  • Amy S

    Why is it every time you post I start humming “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you. But I love it.”

  • Ox-Bow

    Undersight Committee.

  • kid_you_not

    Why are Jews conspicuously the “chairs” of such boards when they are a tiny minority?

    • Amy S

      What_the_heck Can you support your allegation with fact? Feel free to list below, if you can.

    • Gabe

      The RMVP called. Joe needs to touch base.

      • Gabe

        Damn, they deleted the original comment. It was horrible, but I don’t think non-spam should be deleted.

        In the good ol’ days, Tim would have traced the IP, called the person or the person’s boss, and posted the phone call for all to hear.

    • Wylie H Dallas

      Uhh… speechless.

  • Eric Foster

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