Voting for Excellence in Nursing 2016 Is Open


It’s time, once again, to recognize a nurse who has made our community a better place to live. Whether he or she helped deliver your baby, eased the sting of an immunization, or battled a terminal illness, no act is too big or too small to be in the running. Anyone can vote, from patients to colleagues to other healthcare professionals, as long as you’re not related to whomever you nominate. To vote for a nurse, click here.

Here’s how it all works: voting will go till 5 pm on Friday, October 9. Winning nurses will be notified toward the end of November and featured in the March 2016 issue of D MagazineThere’s one rather important change to note this year. Instead of the previous 28 categories we used last year, we’ve narrowed them down to eight, broader categories, like Nurses Caring for Patients in Hospitals and Nurses Conducting Nursing Research. The nomination form provides plenty of examples for each category, to help you select where your nominee belongs.

The nominee must be a currently licensed, practicing registered nurse (RN) and work at least part-time. Nominees also must not be currently under investigation for disciplinary action; they’ll all be vetted by the Texas Board of Nursing. The nomination form is the responsibility of the person who is nominating, and incomplete forms will not be considered.

We, and the judges (three acclaimed members of the North Texas nursing community — Elizabeth Poster, Elaine Harrison, and Stephanie Woods — who will select finalists and winners), could really use all the information we can get, so it’s highly suggested to include the nominee’s curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé in your submission.

If you have any questions about the nomination process, holler my way: [email protected].