Podcast: Meat Queen Alice Laussade on ‘Funlanthropy’ and Mommy Makeovers

The Cheap Bastard at the Old Monk.

Alice looked pretty much like this during our recording session.
Alice wore this same dress during our recording session.

The Dallas Observer’s own Cheap Bastard, Alice Laussade, stopped by the Old Monk to talk about her upcoming Meat Fight fundraiser on the newest episode of EarBurner, and she brought plenty of salty language with her. Consider this your mature-content warning. Maybe skip this one if you’re listening with the kids.

Otherwise, on to the notes:

1. Once again, this story is the reason Troy Aikman dislikes Zac.

2. See Larry Wilmore’s visit with Ahmed Mohamed.

3. What Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne told Glenn Beck.

4. Irving ranks No. 53 out of 63 Dallas suburbs.

5. Meat Fight’s website is, unsurprisingly, meatfight.com.

6. The first copy Alice Laussade ever wrote for the Dallas Observer includes no foul language.

7. Urban Dictionary provides a workable definition of “moose knuckles.”

8. About the bathrooms at WD-50, chef Wylie Dufresne’s now-closed New York restaurant, the New Yorker wrote: “Unfortunately, this do-you-get-it attitude loses something when it’s extended to the rest rooms downstairs, where an expanse of blank wood wall cleverly disguises three unmarked and knobless doors. It can take minutes to realize that you have to push the wall—a Mensa-test experience so disconcerting that one diner wound up down the hall in a storeroom. Another made it in and then forgot to lock the door—probably not quite the see-and-be-seen experience that WD-50 is striving for.” Grub Street has a photo of what diners confronted downstairs.

9. Meat Fight’s Facebook page.

10. This one goes out to Brian Luscher:

11. Behold the World’s Largest Pecan

12. This guy will be at TedxSMU on October 17:

13. Perineoplasty (link NSFW) “denotes the plastic surgery procedures used to correct clinical conditions (damage, defect, deformity) of the vagina and the anus.”

14. In David Cronenberg’s 1988 film Dead Ringers, Jeremy Irons played twins:

15. In the 2004 documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonald’s food for 30 days:

16. If you ate nothing but meat for 15 years, you’d probably get scurvy.


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