Leading Off (9/22/15)

Ahmed Mohamed leaves Irving ISD, calls for Susan Hawk to quit.

Ahmed Pulls Out of Irving ISD. While Ahmed Mohamed’s dad was pulling his three kids out of Irving ISD, his famous clock-making son was hanging out in California, at the invitation of Google. I’ll just throw this out there: Mark Cuban has spoken with Ahmed. On Friday, taping an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, he said, “All [Ahmed] had to do was engage with the teacher, and he didn’t. That’s the point that was missing. It was wrong that he got arrested, but all that he had to do was talk to the teacher, but he didn’t.”

John Wiley Price Item GIVES ME EXCUSE TO CALL ATTENTION TO COOL NAME. This thing isn’t really big news. JWP wrote a strongly worded letter to the vice president of advocacy for the League of Women Voters of Dallas. Read more about it, if you’d like. What I’d like you to know is that the name of the vice president of advocacy for the League of Women Voters of Dallas is — Susybelle Gosslee. Put her name in the Pantheon. She joins the ranks of Shamoil Shipchandler and Bruce Sherbet (do your own googling, if you’re curious).

DMN Begins ‘Hawk Should Quit’ Drumbeat. Read this Jacquielynn Floyd column and tell me if — seeing how thin the column is on fist-hand observation or cited sources — you think it reads like someone suggested to J-Floyd, “You should write a column titled ‘Does Susan Hawk Even Like Being Dallas County DA?’ in which you engage in wild speculation and imply she should step down.” Meanwhile, Cindy Stormer, that recently fired prosecutor, is unloading both barrels, describing what the DA’s office was like when she worked there, and Hawk has said she won’t return to work till October 2 (which is a Friday).

Gene Simmons Comes to Dallas. Yesterday at the Hyatt Regency Dallas, Gene Simmons, the former Kiss frontman who will soon open a restaurant in The Colony, gave a pep talk at the Multi-Unit Foodservice Operators Conference. Read that sentence again. Go ahead. Really let it sink in.