Here is Ken Paxton’s Mugshot

Not sure why he didn’t have to wear the towel over his clothes. Thought that was standard. But I’m not gonna complain.

As for that lopsided smile, very strong move. Says “OK OK I’ll go along with this, but I just want y’all to know you’re full of it.” Although with his eye situation, it kind of looks like one side of his head is made of metal and either someone turned on a giant electromagnet right before this was snapped, or else Magneto is nearby and is tying up loose ends perhaps. Would he need to work with a state attorney general? I don’t know. The X-Men continuity is honestly pretty confusing, and I’m not even sure the movies add up.



  • OldLakeHighlandeer

    Would you buy a used car from this guy?

    • @zaccrain

      Only a Dodge Stratus

  • TedCrewz

    Karma is a real bitch…

  • Mavdog

    My guess is he is laughing about the deputy accepting the weight of 178 lbs. Paxton him.

  • DubiousBrother

    Inquiring minds want to know who initiated the complaint that resulted in this arrest.

    • Mavdog

      Texans for Public Justice.

      • DubiousBrother

        Is that the same Texans for Public Justice that filed the complaint against Tom Delay that was just thrown out by the Court of Appeals after 12 years or so? Is it the same TPJ that filed the complaint against Rick Perry that was just thrown out? Is it the same TPJ that is basically run by Craig McDonald, left wing community organizer and Ralph Nader disciple that is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. How many Democrats has TPJ filed complaints against?

        • Mavdog

          Does it matter who filed the complaint? No.

          The complaint was filed and it is either dismissed or pursued. Clearly there was a decision the complaint had merit, such decision determined not by TPJ but by the Court in Collin County (Republican Judge BTW). The investigation was done by the Texas Rangers, the Grand Jury heard the evidence and moved to indict.

          Pointing to the group who filed the complaint means zero on if the complaint has validity, and has no bearing on the guilt or innocence of whom the complaint accuses of wrongdoing.

          • DubiousBrother

            It does matter if it is political bs that ends several years later with no conviction. They started the process in Travis County but they refused to pursue, took it to Colin County where they got the DA out of the way due to conflict and special prosecutors are now involved.

          • Mavdog

            The Court is there to make the determination of “if it is political bs”. In this case the Court’s decision was there is merit in the complaint. If the complaint was merely “political bs” there would not have been an indictment nor would there be the upcoming trial. So no, it doesn’t matter who filed the complaint. What matters is if the complaint has merit.

            Travis County said it was outside their jurisdiction as the alleged illegal acts did not occur in Travis but in Collin County. The Collin County DA, a colleague and friend of the accused, correctly recused himself.

            I find it puzzling that anyone would express such a negative view of a citizen filing a complaint against an elected official, that official being investigated by an independent agency, and a Grand Jury of citizens determining there was a basis for indictment and a court holding a trial based on that investigation.

          • DubiousBrother

            There is a difference between a citizen who has been screwed filing a complaint and a political assassination. This same clown initiated the Tom Delay complaint that was ultimately thrown out by the Court of Appeals but the process took over a decade and destroyed Delay’s career and probably his finances. The Texan for Public Justice should pay dearly for that but instead nothing happened to him and he has done the same thing with Perry and now Paxton probably using tax deductible $$ from Soros.

          • Mavdog

            In the case of Paxton, the complaint was not done by “a citizen who has been screwed”, so your point is hollow. However, the people who were “screwed” by the alleged actions of Paxton, including some fellow Republican legislators who have provided evidence against Paxton, are seeking Paxton’s day with justice.

            You seem to forget DeLay was found guilty by a jury, and it was an elected Judge who threw out the conviction. The “complaint” wasn’t “thrown out”, the conviction was overturned.

            You also must have not understood that Perry is still charged with a felony crime, only the charge of Coercion was dismissed. The question of Perry’s guilt of the charge of Abuse of Power is yet to be determined.

            You are clearly focused on the wrong issue: the question is if Paxton violated the law, not the question of which political party the complainant belongs. It matters not if the complainant is a Democrat or a Republican, what matters is that the allegation is properly investigated and, if there is reason to indict, a fair trial is held. Nobody, including the Texas AG, is above the law.

        • GlennHunter

          In answer to your question, Dubious: Yup, same outfit, same tired old M.O.

  • David Burrows

    He was our student body president at Baylor. So, he’s got that going for him

  • Olivia Beach

    You’re making fun of his eyes but you don’t say what the deal is. Has he had Beal’s Palsy or some other droopy eye syndrome? You shouldn’t make fun of somebody who might have a legitimate handicap. I don’t like the guy but cruelty is wrong.

  • L33lu

    He is a wanker. Nice way to make fun of what appears to be a vision and nerve damage issue, Zac Crain. It would serve “journalism” better to make fun of his politics and actions, not how he looks.

  • Zeropeople

    It looks like the right side of his face has some legitimate nerve issues, I don’t like him but I wouldn’t ever make a go at a possible medical condition. Just like I don’t like Greg Abbot either, but no way would I make a joke about how he got into a whellchair.

    Criticize his actions and idea, not his conditions and features.