Ghosts of Dallas: The Quadrangle, 1968

See shoppers almost 50 years in the past.


“Pedestrians in the courtyard of the Quadrangle. Copper Kettle is visible to the left; the Pillow Parlour visible in the background,” 1968.

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Original photo: From the collections of the Texas/Dallas History and Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

Photo: Leah Clausen

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  • Bruce Berry

    In 1968 I purchased my first stereo system from an audio shop at the Quadrangle.

    I forget the name of the audio shop.

    I purchased a Kenwood Receiver, a Dual Turntable and two Frasier Speakers!!!

    • Gene Soslow

      Was it The Gramophone Shop? They also had a great folk music vinyl selection.

      • Bruce Berry

        Thanks for the reply!
        The Gramophone Shop and all those unique shops at the Quadrangle were so cool to browse and shop at.
        The neat little antique shops that lines the street, the smell of

        Patchouli and scented candles; in the background the music of The Strawberry Alarm Clock and Peter, Paul and Mary!
        It was a menagerie of all things!!!

        • Suzy Evans

          Does anyone remember the name of the Bakery in the Quadrangle back then??

          • Nicole McAllister Myers

            The Happy Daisy or The Deli?