Where Are the Jobs in Dallas?

Jobby jobs.


An alert FrontBurnervian (as they all are) points us to a cool, time-sucking interactive map that lets you look at every single job in the United States with a color code (you’ll have to navigate your way to Dallas). A guy named Robert Manduca, a Harvard Ph.D. student and mapmaker, put it together. Each dot that you see represents one job in Dallas. Blue dots are professional services. Green is healthcare, education, and government. Yellow is retail, hospitality, and other services. Go here to read a little about how you can interpret the data. One obvious conclusion is that downtowns are where the jobs are, not the suburbs. Here in North Texas, southern Dallas looks as barren as Prosper.


  • RompingWillyBilly

    Not only are there no jobs in African American communities, but there are few stores and retail. There are lots of run down community centers. Imagine a Whole Foods in South Dallas? Afro Americans of Color are the first to ridicule such a suggestion as real jobs developing in the neighborhoods of their communities. Too much rebellion towards the established social agenda in the way of crime, riots, littering, and violence perpetuated against the other races by way of the knock out game and incidences on organized incidences of black on other races mob violence.