New Podcast: Matt Tobin of the Blind Butcher and Goodfriend Plays iPhone Roulette

It's an entertaining chat at the Old Monk.

Matt Tobin with his wife, his love, Tracy, at the Goodfriend first anniversary party back in 2012.  (Photo: William Neal)
Matt Tobin with his wife, his love, Tracy, at the Goodfriend first anniversary party back in 2012. (Photo: William Neal)

It’s an entertaining chat with the co-proprietor of Lower Greenville’s Blind Butcher and East DallasGoodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House, on the latest episode of EarBurner. But if you’re short on time, at least jump ahead (somewhere after the 36-minute mark) to hear Tobin face up to the challenge of iPhone roulette. If you’re easily embarrassed on behalf of other people, as I am, you’ll need to gather your fortitude before giving it a listen. It’s worth it.

Now, notes on the show:

1. Harrison Edell of the Dallas Zoo shared much happier news about baby giraffe Kipenzi during episode 8 of EarBurner, back in April.

2. The Exxxotica Expo website makes no mention of the quality of cheese served during the event.

3. Our own Mike Mooney wrote about fetish performance artist Rubber Doll (NSFW) for the Miami New Times in 2008 (probably SFW). View one of her Exxxotica performances (slightly edited) on YouTube (NSFW).

4. The Dallas Observer and its sister alt-weeklies were sold to distance themselves from their parent company’s lucrative classified sex ads business in 2012.

5. The Crowne Plaza in downtown Dallas boasts both the Thrive Round Bar (open until 11 p.m.) and the THRIVE Nightclub (open 10 p.m.-2 a.m.). Tim expects them both to be happening spots next weekend.

6. Peter Simek wrote about up-and-coming musician Leon Bridges in the June issue of D Magazine. Bridges went busking in Deep Ellum on Wednesday night.

7. Leon Bridges is scheduled to play on Wednesday’s episode of Conan on TBS. The other guest that night, actor Armie Hammer, also spent some of his youth in North Texas.

8. Brouwer’s Cafe in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle advertises 64 beers on tap and more than 300 bottles.

9. Clay Hosterman is “gentlemen coordinator” of the Dallas Harlequins rugby club.

10. The former home of Jupiter Lanes sits right across Garland Road from the Lochwood neighborhood of East Dallas, an area that might be classified as Casa View.

11. Kelly Parks is one of a trio of sisters from Arlington who are models. She and her then-fiancee Jon finished second on the fourth season of the Amazing Race:

Kelly Parks and Jon on the Amazing Race

Her sister Becky was one of our 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas in 2010.

12. Dan Savage writes the syndicated sex column Savage Love. He does live in Seattle.

OK, on to the show. Remember to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or your preferred podcatcher. Or just listen via the player below:


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