Leading Off (4/6/2014)

Someone snatched a peacock in Oak Cliff.

Pedestrian Dies In Hit-and-Run Near Mockingbird Station. The victim, 20-year-old Paul Miltenberger, attempted to the cross Mockingbird Lane at a non-crosswalk area very early this morning and was hit by a black Dodge Charger. Miltenberger was a sophomore at the University of Missouri, and the campus newspaper reports that he is from Southlake. Let’s hope this pedestrian bridge happens.

Texas Health Resources Responds To Nina Pham’s Lawsuit. For starters, THR would like the whole thing dismissed. But the five-page response goes on to generally deny the allegations that the hospital’s lack of proper training and equipment caused her to contract the Ebola virus and that Pham’s privacy was violated. Pham’s attorney, Charla Aldous, says she is “disappointed but not surprised” by the hospital’s response.

Trinity Toll Road Faces Army Corps of Engineers. After the Federal Highway Administration approved the proposed six-lane Trinity toll road last Thursday, the final federal hurdle is the Army Corps of Engineers. Within weeks, they are expected to determine whether the road can be built without compromising the levees, as well as the overall impact of the project and whether or not federal funds should be used to pay for it.

A Bird-Napping In Oak Cliff Ruffles Feathers. Someone very nonchalantly snatched a wild male peacock from the Beckley Club Estates neighborhood, and the residents, who feed and care for the birds, are understandably upset. Considering that birds are really just tiny dinosaurs, you might wonder how this happened. “The bird wasn’t paying any attention. The male was, um, mating.” Anyway, just bring the peacock back, please.