Who Will Replace D.A. Susan Hawk?

Friends and colleagues say she went to rehab for a pill addiction and that she "needs help."

Breaking news from the DMN: “Dallas County’s new district attorney Susan Hawk, blasted by former co-workers for acting erratically on the job, spent a month at a rehab center for prescription drug use during the campaign for that office in late 2013, friends and courthouse colleagues say. … ‘She definitely needs to get help,’ said a courthouse colleague who has talked to Hawk about her use of pain medication in the past.”

So how many convictions from her former courtroom will get thrown out? And whom will Greg Abbott appoint to take Hawk’s place after she steps down? Because surely that will happen, right? Leaders in the clubhouse have to be Bill Wirskye and Toby Shook.


  • AmyS

    I always wondered if she was stoned, or just had her face tightened too much.

  • David Burrows

    Why does the Dallas DA office keep looking like a Cowboy’s football draft?

    • Brandon Harrison

      Maybe the job attracts a certain….type of individual.

  • Brandon Harrison

    Would they not have to prove that she was abusing while presiding to throw out her rulings? Or would they simply offer retrials for those she presided over?

  • Gilbert Medina

    Who are the people who elect the officials and on what basis? Past indiscretion (whatever is defined as indiscretion) are, obviously, the mark of the future performance. I am unware, if any, of the Distirict Attorneys’ showing of incompetence, now or while she sat on the bench. Surely, the responsible colleagues, who worked on her campaign, who knew of the alleged notion of “acting erratically”, would have brought this information. to the public and withdran their support. But, as is common lately, lets’ change the leader, because they’re easier to blame. Everyone else can leave withn “clean hands”.

  • Andrew Dunlap

    If Hawk steps down, whoever Abbott appoints won’t get reelected. The Democrats will find an able person for the job. Craig Watkins was voted out by democratts

  • WydeLaw

    This quip by Mr. Rogers is beyond poor journalism; it is rumor mongering at best. Pursuant to the Texas Local Government Code, an elected official can only be removed from office for Incompetency, Official Misconduct, Intoxication or Failure to Post Bond for the Office. Having been the lead attorney in two cases which lead to an elected constable and an elected justice of the peace being removed from office, I can assure you there are no legal grounds to remove Ms. Hawk. Furthermore, the process to ‘reverse’ or overturn any case she presided over as a judge is even more difficult. Before you hypothesize about these matters, I strongly suggest you consult several experts who know what they are talking about. It is obvious that you do not.

  • spud

    Not really funny. Might want to note that the Americans with Disabilities Act protects those with a history of addiction from adverse employment actions. Plus, the rehab stint was apparently before she took office, so no convictions would be affected. So, unless she wants to quit, Hawk should be fine. Plus, she’s still hot.