Leslie Brenner Offers You a Morning Giggle


I’m going to take a stab at a punchline here. I invite you to offer yours in the comments. Okay, here goes:

“That’s one bird’s-eye view I’d rather not have.”

Pretty weak. Um, let’s try:

“A turd in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

I don’t even know what that means.

“Birds of a feather defecate together.”

Oh, I give up. Your turn.


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  • TheGuy

    (AP) Dallas journalist Leslie Brenner today spoke before the Texas legislature regarding what she claims is a dire need for computer keyboard manufacturers to relocate the letter “i” further away from the letter “o” on keypads. Brenner claimed “all sorts of shot can happen when these two letters get co-mingled.”

  • goleslie

    You guys are _obsessed_ with Leslie Brenner! I happen to think she is awesome at her job, so no complaints here.

  • jason_lichty

    Click here to see what $750,000 buys you in Dallas…a two story bird house with crawl space sh!tters

  • RAB

    I’m always striving for better shit, but I never figured I’d have to crawl for it.

  • Johnyalamo

    Food critics and their GI issues…..sigh…

  • WildBird

    First Nichols on birds. Now Brenner?

  • AmyS

    1 star

  • David Burrows

    Leslie, I think John Tesar hacked your instagram

  • T_S_

    Bird nest soup has a whole new connotation now.