Listen to D Magazine’s New Podcast, EarBurner

Recorded live at the Old Monk.

Ear-Burner logo

As Tim teased yesterday, D Magazine has embarked upon a brave new era of audio entertainment. We’ve launched our podcast, EarBurner, for your listening pleasure.

The first episode, which you can stream right now via the embedded player below, was recorded yesterday at the Old Monk. We viewed this session much the way you do the first pancake from a batch of batter: you know, the one you usually just have to throw out because it doesn’t come out right.

But I think we exceeded our own extremely low expectations, and your hosts Tim and Zac, and special guest Tara Nieuwesteeg, managed to produce a light and tasty confection that you shouldn’t have to drown in syrup to make edible.

My apologies for the technical imperfections, especially Tim’s abrupt entrance. Hitting the record button at the right time proved trickier than I’d imagined. And thanks to FrontBurnervian Johnyalamo for naming the show, the Old Monk for hosting, Shibboleth for the intro and outro music, Crocs-brand sneakers, and Amar’e Stoudemire for his bold sartorial and punctuational choices.

Oh, and we’re not yet available via iTunes, but we’re working on it. Stay tuned. If you’re not an Apple acolyte, you can plug our RSS feed — — into your preferred podcatcher. Enjoy: