Poll: Where Is Dallas?

Yeah, what do we call this place?

JerryWorld, in the heart of Cluck City, How many times have you heard national media say it's in Arlington?   photo by Marco Becerra/Flickr
JerryWorld, in the heart of Cluck City. How many times have you heard national media say it’s in Arlington? photo by Marco Becerra/Flickr

Last night’s arrival of the national spotlight on our area, thanks to the first official college football national title game out in Arlington, plus the recent downtown highway debates that have centered on whether what’s good for the region is necessarily good for the city of Dallas, raise again the question of how best to brand ourselves to the outside world.

So where do we live?


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  • …….

    Dallas-Fort Worth / DFW need to be the same choice.

  • Chris Chris

    I picked Metroplex just to tick off Tim.

    • Marcus

      Chris Chris:


  • Marcus

    I selected Metroplex only because Tim hates it so very badly.

  • AeroRazavi

    Just to show that Dallas is not alone on this, Super Bowl XLVIII was in “New York – New Jersey”.

  • Sarah Bennett

    I like to pronounce the “tee em” when I use “world-class city.”

  • guest

    I LIVEIN PLANO. I call the area the DFW Metro Area or DFW Metroplex. I do not ever refer to it as all Dallas and correct others when they do.

    • Jumbo

      Way to police and enforce a silly way to couch Plano….as if anyone cares

    • Brent Reid

      Really? Plano and the rest of the burbs only exist because of Dallas. Get over it. To the rest of the world – this is all “Dallas”. Build a bridge and get over it already.

  • Jeremy Stone

    I picked Metroplex because Tim hates it.

  • Wayne Skutt

    DFW Metroplex is the right answer…

  • DelkusSleeves

    In my snarky times when people start arguing about which city in DFW is better I just call it the Mehtroplex

  • YoungbloodJoe

    I tell people Dallas if they ask where I live and then Arlington. Sometimes I meet people who live in Fort Worth and get offended by me first saying Dallas. I think West of Dallas calls it DFW and the rest of the metro calls it Dallas.

  • jameswm

    Lake Highlands and surrounding communities.

  • Jumbo

    Dallas is correct…DFW is the airport and “metroplex” sounds like a STD. Nobody outside of the area has heard of Plano or Frisco nor could care less.

  • roscoe jett

    If you do any traveling you will know that the rest of the world looks at us as “Dallas”. So it should be marketed that way. Nobody elsewhere (nor even here) knows where “North Texas” is … personally, I think it surrounds Amarillo.

    • Brent Reid

      Absolutely spot on. This is Dallas. Not “North Texas”…not the “Metroplex”…so regardless of how much pride people to live in Fort Worth or the other “little towns” around Dallas – this is and will always be Dallas to the rest of the world. All of it.

  • Paul Nilrach

    This poll is a little bias because it’s on the “D” magazine website. Of course the majority of the readers will lean more towards Dallas.

    • vseslav botkin

      But it’s a cute wittle bias yes it is.

  • Ron O’Neal

    Six Flags Over North Texas.

  • Diane

    Um….The game was in ARLINGTON!!! NOT Dallas. NOT Fort Worth. A-R-L-I-N-G-T-O-N ARLINGTON!!!

  • Randy1116

    Please — could we just outlaw the word “Metroplex”? Don’t you have the power to make that happen?

  • Heather Gilbert

    I remember when I was a kid they were pushing DAFW to get Arlington in there… there were TV Ads all over the place. That didn’t work out. It’s still DFW

  • Mike Palmer

    A lot of large cities call their area a metroplex, not just DFW

  • Jube

    I grew up in Houston and had never heard of “North Texas” (thought that would be the panhandle?) or the “Metroplex” until I moved here. Never knew TX hated OK either. People in Houston don’t care.