Glenn Beck Credits Move to Dallas With Saving His Life

He revealed Monday that he's suffered from serious health issues.

Last night on his TheBlaze online network, Glenn Beck disclosed that for the last several years he’s battled serious health issues — constant fatigue, involuntary shaking, seizures — that had him thinking seriously about whether he could continue his work. He even looked for a successor to take over leadership of his media empire if it came to that.

But then, thanks to his relocation to Dallas and his purchase of the Studios at Las Colinas complex — a move that has proven hugely profitable to Beck, as detailed in Michael J. Mooney’s story in the November issue of D Magazine — he found “a miracle.” As he told his audience Monday:

“What are the odds of me moving from New York City to Dallas, Texas, and buying a studio that was literally three and a half minutes down the street from the only place in the world that seems to specialize in exactly what was wrong with me?”

He was referring to the Carrick Brain Center in Irving, a place Beck said some of his “Navy SEAL friends” referred him to after doctor after doctor had been unable to determine what was wrong with him. Athletes with traumatic brain injuries, like Tony Dorsett, have also sought treatment there.

The physicians at Carrick determined that Beck had “several things going on,” from an autoimmune disorder to adrenal fatigue to the early stages of Addison’s disease — “what JFK had.” Beck credits the barrage of treatments and tests he’s undergone in the last 10 months with reversing his condition — that and the good fortune of having moved to North Texas.

“My doctors told me that it was my faith in God that was powering me through all this. I shouldn’t be standing. That if I had stayed in New York City, they didn’t think I would be alive today.”

(H/T Talking Points Memo)