SideDish Dustup Gets Nod From Romenesko

Food fight!

If you haven’t been over to SideDish recently and if you’ve got a few minutes to kill, check out this post that Nancy put up Friday. Short version: DMN food critic Leslie Brenner and her crew went to Proof + Pantry to do a review. She was recognized, and the owners — who are not fans of the DMN‘s star rating system — refused to let Brenner pay for her meal in an attempt to create a conflict of interest that would prevent her from writing a review. In the comments to the post, Jim Schutze dives in, calling the restaurant’s owners “unsophisticated hicks.” Brenner’s husband chimes in. As does Brenner herself. And, somewhat oddly, the DMN‘s classical music critic, Scott Cantrell. It’s a lively discussion. And Romenesko included it in his morning report today, which was nice. So, by all means, dig in.