Poll: If You Could Change One Thing About Dallas…

We asked the eight members of the Dallas 40.

Look, we love it here too, but even Dallas’ biggest fans have to admit that the city could do with a little shaping up, even if it’s just a few nips and tucks. We put the question “what one thing would you change about Dallas if you could?” to eight members of the Dallas 40 who appear on the cover of our September issue as part of D Magazine‘s 40th anniversary celebration.

You can hear their responses in the video above, and then weigh in yourself on the poll below.


  • billholston


    Better walking. Sidewalks, shade, and more NATURAL service trails for recreational walking. Now,walking to a good Chinese restaurant, would be even better.

  • Amy Severson

    Change Hillcrest into 2 lanes from Forest to NW Highway. 30 mph max. Use the extra space to create sidewalks with buffer space, breathing room for the tree roots and a bike lane. It bisects a residential neighborhood the entire way, and should no longer be considered an alternative commuter roadway.

    • edgar

      I’ve thought about this before as well. The knee-jerk reaction to this idea would be that it would be crazy to eliminate capacity on a main thoroughfare like Hillcrest. But, traffic along this stretch is surprisingly light at all hours of the day – it’s nothing compared to the traffic on Preston or any of the east-west thoroughfares. I don’t know whether bike lanes are needed since there are residential options all around, but I believe in the idea because trimming down the street would make the neighborhood so much more pleasant, and it would alleviate what’s an overkill barrier between the east and west sides of the road.

  • Roger H

    A retooling of the economy in the city of Dallas (not DFW) away from retail and real estate towards manufacturing, technology and biotech jobs. End give-aways to the former and increase incentives for the latter.

  • TLS

    Beach front property on the Atlantic.

  • Amy Severson

    On the east side of Hillcrest the neighborhood is very disconnected and twisty, following the creek. Very difficult for say, students, to ride their blocks even 1/4 mile without being on Hillcrest. And the sidewalks are directly on Hillcrest, with the (older) homes having an 8′ setback, leaving very little wiggle room. North of Forest, Hillcrest is used legitimately as an exit route for commuters from the Park Central and Hillcrest/LBJ area. Greenville and Preston are both highways, Inwood already narrows at Royal. And it seems to me (but I am no engineer) that it could be a financial cost wash, in that the concrete saved from only replacing 1/2 lane would offset any landscaping/ sidewalk changes? Assuming the curbs on Hillcrest ever get fixed, that is.

    One thing people consider in good neighborhood schools is “is it safe for my kids to ride a bike to school?” And it trains a generation on the benefit of biking, which Dallas sadly lacks in any depth.

  • edgar

    The poll question didn’t shackle us to reality, so in a perfect world I’d love a bike lane too. But, facing ever-limited resources, I think it would more plausible to ask for a bike lane along Airline/Boedeker. That’s a nice, wide street and could accommodate a bike lane for cheaper – it could be segregated by paint or those plastic rod thingies, whereas on Hillcrest you might need a full curb barrier. On the west side, Thackery and Edgemere provide pretty straight shots. From both of those north-south routes, kids could easily drop laterally into Hillcrest or Franklin. The bike trail would provide a good east-west connector further to the north. We would effectively gain more coverage that way, since people would, on average, have a shorter distance to go to reach bike paths.

    I’m all for trimming down the footprint of Hillcrest with or without bike lanes. The girth is simply not needed along the segment you point to. (Totally in agreement regarding legitimacy of a wide Hillcrest north of Forest).

    This would unlock property values for the 3-4 houses nearest Hillcrest on each side as well. Currently the Dallas tax assessor gives a pretty steep discount to those lots. I believe it’s on the order of 35-40% for the corner lots adjoining Hillcrest, and they phase out the farther away from Hillcrest you go. By trimming down Hillcrest to more of a boulevard, some of that discount could go away. And voila, more tax revenue for the city, which could pay for the redesign. With property values where they are, that’s not insignificant. And Hillcrest is going to need a redo (at least a repave) sometime soon anyway.

    How do we make it happen?

  • Gwen Barker

    Brick the streets in the downtown area so people could walk from store to store, restaurants,etc. Many people would come down on the weekends and nights to avoid the traffic to just browse, spend money, and meet with friends, etc. They must have a place to park to enjoy the privilege of Downtown Dallas. Hope it happens sooner than later.

  • Pegaso

    Strong mayor system.

  • Charlotte Gale

    Make White Rock Lake more like Lake Austin (waterfront restaurants, more activities on the lake, etc). That would drastically help change Dallas from being thought of as a concrete city. It’s unbelievable how underutilized White Rock Lake is when it could be a huge asset to our city’s culture.

    • Othello

      Is Charlotte Gale the nom de guerre for City of Dallas staff? This is either a troll or someone who rarely visits the lake. Or both. Say, Charlotte, why don’t you concentrate on our other long promised “Lake Austin” that is not coming to fruition in the Trinity Park?

    • Othello

      PS – Restaurants are not how you build culture. People build culture.

    • Charlotte Gale

      Othello: You little hippie trolls that fight like crazy people about keeping WRL untouched are ridiculous. Move to the country where you can have all the silent, untouched land you want.

  • Greenvillite

    Local government that is responsive to the people instead of (a) their own self-interest or (b) a small group of cronnies. If we had more responsive government in Dallas, we would have better schools, a road system that is not geared toward supporting the suburbs to our detriment, parks in our parks (instead of fracking and highways), better funding for quality of life issues that we say are important to us, etc. It would, however, still be hot in August and relatively flat.

  • Brad

    A DART line running along the tollway from downtown to Frisco/IKEA with stops at Northwest Hwy, Galleria, Belt Line, Willow Bend, The Shops at Legacy, etc, etc.

  • Curmudgeon

    Density. Density. DENSITY.

  • Amy Severson

    I am not sure. I actually voted for more Chinese restaurants.

  • TheGuy

    A Franklin’s BBQ food truck or storefront would be nice. And a local branch of Katz’ Deli. Also, I’d like to see a pro baseball team established in the region. I think the area’s big enough to support it. And maybe they should build upscale residences inside Northpark, like they do in the West Village. And speaking of Northpark, isn’t it time they built a shuttle system to get around, like the one’s at DFW Airport? All that walking sucks. And speaking of airports, how come virgins get their own airline at Love Field while the rest of us have to fly Southwest?

    • jdtTX

      There was a big push to turn the old Big Town spot into a minor league stadium/entertainment center before the economy tanked.

  • freddy

    If you don’t like DISD in your part of town, then get involved in your schools or move/transfer (for IB for instance) to good DISD schools in East Dallas.

  • jdtTX

    real public transportation would be great. convenient stops on the rail make the entire city more walkable.

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