Leading Off (9/3/14)

Deion Sanders, Josh Brent, and other, non-football related news.

Prime Prep Hearing Date Set: Deion Sanders and crew now have until Nov. 12 to figure out how to save their flailing charter school. “We will be prepared for the hearing,” said Superintendent Ron Price, literally saying the most basic thing possible when called by a reporter.

Southlake Teen Urges Classmates to Forgo Mums: Someone had to explain the concept of homecoming mums to me a few years ago, and the conversation ended when my jaw unhooked, fell to the floor, then scrounged around looking for loose change to put in some far-away savings account for a mythical child that someday may have to pay for a mum. Destiny Rose had similar thoughts about the ostentatious tradition, and donated the money she would’ve spent on a mum to a charity buying holiday dinners for South Dallas residents. She’s urging classmates to do the same, as am I.

Former Cowboy Josh Brent Suspended 10 Games Following Jail Time: I’m sure no one has any thoughts on this one, so moving on…

Woman Charged After Leaving Grandchild in Hot Car: The Crowley woman was arrested for felony child endangerment after leaving the child in the car for more than an hour. This is awful, yes. But please read Gene Weingarten’s Pulitzer-winning story about this phenomenon before commenting.


  • geez

    Why do non-Texans take such pleasure in feeling indignant about homecoming mums? They are fun, and pretty easy to make at home, for people on a budget. Get over yourself and enjoy a corny tradition.

  • Really

    I grew up here and always hated the “corny tradition” which has morphed into mums the size of dinner plates. Seeing girls wearing them is painful. Kudos to Destiny Rose.

  • CSP

    Thank you so much, Bradford, for linking to Weingarten’s amazing article. I wish anyone who seeks to instantly condemn those who (almost always) inadvertently leave their young ones in cars would read that first, and then see if they would have the same feelings afterward.

  • my2cents

    Cudos to Destiny Rose. Clearly a bright young woman. I feel a bit sorry for her though given that her parents saddled her with that name.