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How Dallas Are You? This Quiz Will Find Out

Find out through a series of simple questions.

By now you’ve met and read about the Dallas 40, members of this community who we believe represent some aspect of what the city has become and how it has transformed during the past four decades. These people represent the face of Dallas today.

But do you? Take this wholly certified, validated, and 100%-money-back-guaranteed quiz to find out.



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  • MarriedintoDallas

    Do you have a seal that says “True Dallasite! Not really that proud of it” I’d put that one on a t-shirt.

  • Robyn Gerard

    Something went wrong. My scoreis 0, and I’m a born and raised Dallasite! LOL

  • Brandon Snook

    Stuck on #7. A degree in Music…is that the same as “Didn’t get a degree”?

    • Jason Heid

      Good point. I’ve revised the quiz, which (it pains me to admit) was not quite so perfect as I’d imagined.

  • Matthew

    what about Episcopalians?

  • RollTideSam

    To MarriedintoDallas:
    Your spouse must be miserable.

  • Big d

    Poor attempt to pull demographic info. Where’s the real quiz?