Bob Mong Thinks DMN Sports Section Is the Best — Ever

There's pride in your publication. And then there's this.


I follow Bob Mong, the editor of the Morning News, on Twitter. He is not given to jokey hyperbole — at least not in that medium. So I assume he’s being sincere with this boast. Boston Globe in the early 1980s? The Washington Post today?


  • Eric Celeste

    Did you not READ the Cowboys preview?

    • Tim Rogers

      No, but I have flipped through it. What struck me: they don’t know how to put together a magazine. It’s done as a tabloid, but my point is still valid. There’s not pace to the thing. Despite some great design work from art director Michael Hogue (and section designer Lisa Veigel), the pages feel too similar because there’s no variance in story length. Everything looks to be about 300 words.

      I’d be interested to hear from someone who cares about the Cowboys and has spent time actually reading the section.

  • Werd Symythe

    To recap, you have a strong point of view on publication, but you have not read it. They don’t know how to put together a magazine, but it’s really a tabloid. It looks great, but it feels too similar. You posted a story about the Cowboys, but you implied that you don’t care about them.

    Sigh. (files under “mixed messages’).

  • Tim Rogers

    Sorry, my bad. This post is about Bob Mong’s tweet, which seemed to me quite an exaggeration. I take exception to his claim that SportsDay is the best sports section in the history of American journalism.

    All the other stuff — about design and the Cowboys and so forth — that’s just me trolling you in the comments. You should NEVER read the comments.

  • Tim Rogers

    An alert FrontBurnervian informs me that the three papers mentioned in this post have something in common: Dave Smith was the sports editor at each one at one time or another.