Will CPRIT Be Perry’s Achilles Heel?

Defenders downplay integrity unit probe of governor's cancer-fighting institute.

Disclosure upfront: Despite thinking Zac’s series on Gov. Rick Perry is hilarious, I sort of like Perry, not least for his ability to make “enlightened” types see red. That said, I can’t help thinking that the governor’s defenders in the Travis County dust-up—including David Axelrod and Alan Dershowitz—are underestimating one aspect of the case.

That is, the implication that Perry vetoed the public integrity unit funds because the unit was investigating funny business at the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, one of Perry’s “signature accomplishments.”

That might be seen as a stretch—if the governor didn’t have a history of bigfooting in this manner. Remember how he delayed investigation of the Willingham arson case by replacing several members of the Texas Forensic Science Commission just before a key presentation? Just seems like the CPRIT angle might strike Jane and Joe Six-Pack as a little more troubling than Perry’s defenders are letting on.


  • MikeRamsey

    The CPRIT angle has been dubunked by none other that the Austin-American Statesman: http://www.mystatesman.com/news/news/democrats-cprit-perry-narrative-leaves-out-some-de/ng49Z/?icmp=statesman_internallink_textlink_apr2013_statesmanstubtomystatesman_launch#6db1a236.3637387.735465

    The money quote: January 2013: Lehmberg tells the American-Statesman that the 11 members of the CPRIT board – all of whom were appointed by Perry – “are not under suspicion in the investigation.” That means the investigation is focusing only on CPRIT staff members, none of whom were appointed or hired by Perry.

  • Edward

    If you ever had the (dis)pleasure of meeting Governor Perry in person, you would regret that intro sentence.

    While similar to George W Bush in the good-ol-boy kind of way, Perry lacks Bush’s ability to act interested in what is going on. Perry is a cocky blowhard with a record of very awkward personal interactions.

    He’s basically the worst guy in your fraternity, lacking basic social skills but because of Daddy’s money (Perry’s power) everyone has to play along and put up with him.

  • Phelps

    Ramsey has it. The problem with this whole line of thought is that the PIU had ALREADY CLEARED all the Perry appointees in the investigation when this happened.

    That’s like saying that I’m trying to pressure the DA right after they drop the charges on me.

  • Brett Moore

    I’m sure Glenn has met Gov. Perry at some point, probably at one of the Voter Suppression Brain Storming meetings or some such. 😉

  • Edward

    I know – that’s what I get for reading the byline after writing my response.

    Once I saw it was Glenn, I figured he has probably met Gov. Perry multiple times at cheerleader conventions and such.

  • auntiecairo

    I’m jus hoping Perry’s harping on the Lehmberg DWI videos resurrects the vide of the drunk/stoned Perry on the trail in Vermont fondling a bottle of maple syrup. . .