• Tim Rogers

    If you do a traffic report every 60 seconds, as they do at that San Antonio station, then why do the other stuff? Just do a traffic show and be done with it. Okay, except you keep the one cooking segment. But then BACK TO TRAFFIC.

  • Hubert Humbert

    Google Maps beats any TV traffic update. That is, unless the reporter is easy on the eyes. (Note to self: most cops are not easy on the eyes.)

    Tangent: KERA traffic reports are the worst. The data is always old. Why bother?

  • CFan

    Outstanding. WFAA continues to insist on hiring people with ZERO experience in front of the camera.

    While they may have expertise in the area they’re reporting on, please, this is a visual presentation medium…. Watching anyone – be it a traffic cop or newspaper reporter – turned TV personality is only entertaining for the discomfort of watching them fumble and stumble through live shots. Watching Tanya Eiserer is painful and it looks painful for her. Why anyone thought that was a good idea is beyond me.

    Please, the world is full of qualified TV presenters with on-camera experience. Hire them.

  • DelkusSleeves

    Chip Waggoner is the best traffic guy in Dallas. Good on camera, good on information, and knows the area and sidestreets well

  • Chris Chris

    As much as I like Rollin with Drolen on 11 or especially Tammy D and her smile, I admit if I really want to know what’s going on before I head out in the morning, I watch Fox 4. Chip has been doing traffic for the past 15+ years. Heck, when he’s out they even have another GUY fill-in that’s been doing traffic forever as well. Now, that being said, you bet I’m going to watch this train wreck on WFAA. (gets popcorn and rubs hands)

  • sooieeehog

    It it’s not Whitney Drolen, I’m not interested.