Watch a House That Was Built in a Week Get Built in 30 Seconds

For the Biggins family, it was a money pit.

Tim Rogers spent nine tireless years in pursuit of the story of the Biggins family, stopping only to eat, drink, sleep, brag about his children, anger his wife, win a free tuxedo, take vacation, drink, write National Magazine Award-winning work, and quit his job in favor of a cushier gig one row of desks over.

In 2004, the short-lived reality TV show Renovate My Family built the Bigginses a house. You can read what happened to them in the aftermath of this good fortune — the headline is a bit of a spoiler — in the August issue of D Magazine. You can also watch the above time-lapse video that compresses the building of the Biggins home, which was done in a week, down to a mere half-minute.


  • BrentDude

    You buried the lede. But the first paragraph was golden.

  • bippy izod

    the entire is odd family wishes to express our deepest sympathies for the loss of tim rogers hair.sayonara