UT Southwestern Boasts 10 of the World’s Top Researchers

Thomson Reuters says so.

This week, Thomson Reuters published an update to its list of the most cited researchers in the world. Ten work in North Texas, and all of those are employed by UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Head over to D Healthcare Daily for details on the work that each of the researchers do, but this is a nice recognition for the medical school: In essence, it’s listing these researchers as some of the foremost experts in their entire fields.

The list was first compiled in 2001 and again in 2004. For this update, Thomson Reuters scoured references in the top 1 percent of all peer reviewed articles or white papers indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection between 2002 and 2012. The 10 researchers at UTSW authored, participated, or were cited in some of the most highly regarded pieces of research in the last decade.

For an example of some of their work and how the county stands to benefit, take UTSW Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Madhukar Trivedi. He’s lending his expertise to a public-private partnership that’s aimed at reducing the number of chronically homeless in Dallas.

He’s the foundation of the Cottages at Hickory Crossing, which will give 50 of the city’s most chronically homeless a place to live free of cost. They will be provided with on-site mental health and preventive care services, aimed to keep them out of jail and away from Parkland. If the program works, the county could potentially go from spending $40,000 on each person annually to $15,000.

Trivedi will lead a team that tracks how effective the project is. How many hospital days are they using? How many times did they check into the emergency room? Has the housing affected the amount of time they’ve spent in jail? He’ll also track costs: Is providing comprehensive care at the Cottages leading to fewer unnecessary hospital days?


  • Eric

    You can’t live in the Park Cities by treating those pesky patients over at Parkland you’re under contract to serve.

    The big money is in government research grants on all kinds of arcane research, some of it critical or important, where you can bury a very nice lifestyle at government expense.

    UTSW also has the most millionaire doctors working for it, moonlighting at their own government financed ‘start-ups’ and UTSW incubators, and rarely treating those pesky patients at Parkland.

    Does UTSW have The Most PRODUCTIVE Researchers?

  • Really

    Eric, a lot of the UT Southwestern employees bought into the Park Cities when it was inexpensive to do so. The younger physicians and scientists often buy in Southlake and Plano. Twenty years ago, you could buy a decent-size house (2,500+ sq feet) for $175,000 in UP. Sadly, that cottage probably has been knocked down by now and replaced by a $2 million home.

    We chose a smaller house in UP over a McMansion in Plano because of late-night returns to the hospital, good schools, and short commute. My husband often works 16-hour days, as do many of his colleagues. Some physicians and researchers have done well, but most make much less than peers in private practice or for-profit companies. All salaries are online for anyone to see.

  • Really

    One more very important point: UT Southwestern is a state-funded medical and research institution, and Parkland is a county-funded hospital. The future of UT will be firmly planted at the new Clements Hospital and not Parkland.

  • Steve Bristow

    UTSW is a no-name institution, nationally. They will always rely on Parkland, which is nationally known due to its association with JFK, to transfer insured patients from Parkland.

    The only reason UTSW built Clements Hospital is because Parkland was building its new hospital. No one will want to transfer from a better facility to a older, worse one, so UTSW had to build Clements.

    UTSW’s flag ship hospital St. Paul was ranked as the worst hospital in all of Texas in the last DSHS survey. Even though they may have 10 of the best researchers in biotech, none of them are treating patients, and that paltry number doesn’t compare to the number that reside in La Jolla, CA.

    • DMag Guest

      Mr. Bristow,

      Your snarky quips, lack of knowledge regarding local, regional, and national hospital rankings, and very pointed attacks on UT Southwestern (and UTSW alone) are moderately offensive and rather ignorant. If you think that a state institution (that encompasses three degree-granting schools, two hospitals, and an expansive research program) is “only building a hospital cuz the other kids were doing it,” might I recommend that you reevaluate your understanding of business, community affairs, and common sense in general. Parkland and UTSW, while obviously have some overlap of health care, really cater to different needs.

      St. Paul University Hospital is over 50 years old and cannot be updated, so a new hospital was the only answer when considering growing demand, changing technology, and to maintain a competitive standing among medical and research schools. Parkland is even older- celebrating its 60th birthday this year.

      I would actually love to see this recent study that ranks St. Paul as the “worst hospital in all of Texas.” In fact, I’m pretty sure it isn’t even the worst hospital in Dallas. Which, is weird that you would’ve read something like that because the most recent U.S. News and World Report rankings ranked UT Southwestern as the #5 BEST hospital in the state. Now, those rankings were released way back in July of 2014, so maybe your study is more timely? I just didn’t realize that DSHS has released a new report since then.

      Being the 5th best hospital in a state with more than 615 hospitals is not what one would call small potatoes. And, out of 135 hospitals in the DFW metroplex, UTSW ranked #2. Baylor had a strong presence in the rankings- as did Texas Health, and various other UT learning hospitals.

      Now, if we were talking about the Methodist Health System that’s a different story. Out of 18 ranked hospitals in DFW, Methodist doesn’t even make an appearance on the list- heck, even Parkland made it! I know where I would discourage Dallas citizens NOT to go. But I digress because we weren’t talking about the Methodist Health System, now were we? Actually, nobody really is.

      Regarding your disparaging comment about UTSW being a “no-name institution, nationally,” I, for one, would beg to differ. They are nationally ranked in two specialties and have 11 high performing specialties. As far as medical school rankings, both the research arm and the primary care arm of UTSW medical schools are ranked nationally (#s 26 and 22, respectively). When we bring in the number of Nobel Laureates, members of the National Academy of Sciences, members of the National Institute of Medicine, members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the abundance of nationally recognized “Best Doctors,” your snide remarks are not only glaringly biased and petulant, but quite obviously false.

      Good day, sir.

  • Steve Bristow

    Please refer to the Dallas Morning News data on DSHS rankings: UTSW St Paul ranked 110 (dead last) behind JPS ranked 109 for 2010. (See http://res.dallasnews.com/news/data/hospitals2012/#search/). This article, “How safe is your hospital? Chances of serious complications vary widely,” was recently published on June 21, 2014.

    Good day, madam.