Two Audi R8s Go Racing Through Uptown. You’ll Never Guess What Happens Next.

Slow down, people.

An alert, vacationing coworker sends along a link to this Reddit article posted by someone who took pictures of an R8 that didn’t fare well in a race yesterday. From the comments, it appears that at least one of the racers was an SMU student known as The R8 Guy. All things considered, I guess there are worse nicknames to have. Like Hyundai XG300 Guy.


  • Alexander Muse

    I almost got t-boned by a truck who was rubbernecking at the carnage at that intersection. R8 was hit on the drivers side door head on by the Prius.

    • DelkusSleeves

      I almost got ran over by a white mid 90’s Accord this morning while in the cross walk at Ross and Pearl, he honked then yelled “Move Mother F*****” Was a good start to my morning

  • Wylie H Dallas

    Some people call that section of Carlisle the Carlisle St. freeway…. it’s pretty scary. Cars coming around a curve into lanes that narrow without warning, with deep gutters on both sides that cause cars on the outer lanes to speed up and jockey to claim the middle lane. Sidewalks are right next to traffic moving in excess of 40 mph… every power pole along that block gets taken out by speeding cars on a regular basis…. seen many pedestrians come very close to meeting their maker in that stretch.

    • WalkableDFW

      On a ride around with DPD officer once who told me hes clocked people going well over 50 here.

  • dkv

    That reddit thread contains a surprisingly astute description of multi-generational wealth in Texas.