Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: August 25

A talk at the Dallas Center for Architecture considers gender disparity.

Courtesy of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and AIA Dallas.
Courtesy of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and AIA Dallas.

How wide is the gender gap in a profession as male-dominated as architecture? That question, or at least the essence of it, will be considered at length this evening by a panel at the Dallas Center for Architecture. The DMN’s Mark Lamster will moderate a conversation with three academics and professionals this evening, in a talk billed as “Architect and Architectress.” To put the issue in perspective, the three women are 1/3 (all-time) of the AIA female fellows, a rather low 9 out of 130.

The trio includes Jan Blackmon, the executive director of the Dallas AIA; Betsy del Monte, of Transform Global and SMU School of Engineering adjunct; and finally, Zaida Basora, the Assistant Director of Public Works for the City of Dallas. Basora’s focus on sustainability has led to some counterintuitive attention bestowed on the city, which is otherwise considered a very energy-hungry locale, at least historically.

A reception will be held at 6 pm, with the talk to be held at 6:30. You can find more details here.

The ever-faithful “Cool Out” will be held at the Crown and Harp and it seems to be as crowded as ever. I took an out-of-town guest to the event last Monday and while she had a good time, she did complain that the music was a bit “too loud.” I was aghast that someone could hold such an opinion. It’s Monday night. The work week just started. I’m sorry, my dear friend, but for me, and especially under those conditions, it can never be loud enough.

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