Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Aug. 28

A Rahr & Sons beer dinner offers an interesting take on a classic dessert; The Hood Internet is at the Granada.

The Hood Internet. Courtesy of the artist.
The Hood Internet. Courtesy of the artist.

If you ever read any of the comments on SideDish, you know that people are a little touchy about their food. Barbecue and chili tend to be the specific examples in Texas where you are most likely to run into rigid rules and passionately-held stances. For me, it’s a food that is not necessarily associated with the state, but it is one that will cause me to tip over a banquet table if it’s done improperly. That would be bread pudding. Any variety of vanilla, bourbon, or bourbon-vanilla sauce is fine. Drizzle chocolate of any kind on the dish, however, and I will lose it.

Tonight, Rahr & Sons brewery is hosting a beer dinner at Del Frisco’s in Fort Worth. What caught my eye is that there is a “Nutella and peanut butter bread pudding” listed on the menu. That is bread pudding blasphemy. Would I still eat it? Absolutely. The three-course meal also includes the ever-popular lamb lollipops and dinner starts at 6:30 pm.

If there is one thing I know Dallas pop fans love, it’s a good mashup. That would be the combining of two well-known songs—usually one bad, good; sometimes both bad, never both good—to make an entertaining little bit of recognizable yet disposable music. This isn’t Austin, and we don’t necessarily beg to be challenged by our artists around here, which leads me to believe that The Hood Internet should do very well at the Granada this evening, as they are one of the acts who have helped hammer this party trick into a legitimate career. I personally have no problem with the form, even though some find it passé.

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