Spy Cameras Installed at Dallas ISD HQ?

Schutze says that's the reason for an investigator's recent suspension.

Schutze says today the suspension of Jeremy Liebbe, the Dallas ISD investigator who was escorted from his office a few weeks back without explanation, has nothing to do with possible retaliation for Liebbe’s investigating his own boss’ past (as some have speculated):

I don’t know what Liebbe’s personal role is alleged to have been. (I have a call in to his lawyer.) I don’t know enough to tell you now if the ultimate finding will be that the cameras in question were, indeed, off-the-books spy mechanisms or normal security equipment installed to protect school district employees from danger.

But I do know what the accusation is and that the district’s police department is investigating: whether somebody was sneaking around headquarters at night planting spy cameras in people’s offices, even after having been told directly not to do it. And, if so, why? Who put them up to it?

Let’s hope Liebbe comes out of it with a clean bill of health. Certainly his resume would indicate he should. He has earned respect in his career, and he serves the benefit of the doubt now. But if those cameras were rogue spy devices and if board members were involved, somebody ought to go to jail for it.