Poll: Which is the ‘Coolest’ Dallas Suburb?

You make the call.

Highland Park Lakeside Park

Last week, as Peter noted, Forbes released its ranking of America’s “coolest” cities. Dallas came in 10th, falling from 4th the year before. Never mind that their criteria seem bogus, given that Houston once again was higher up the list than Dallas. That’s not what I’m here about.

Forbes got me thinking about our own recent comparative list of the finest places to live in North Texas: the best Dallas suburbs. One criterion we used was something we termed “ambiance score.” You can read our explanation of it here, but I think I’m perfectly within my rights to conflate our notion of “ambiance” with Forbes’ notion of “cool.”

To that end, I’m asking you today to pick the coolest Dallas suburb. Your options come from the 10 suburbs to which we gave higher ambiance scores than Dallas (which got an 84 out of 100). Highland Park was tops with a 96, but does that make it the coolest?


  • AeroRazavi

    How could you not have put Richardson on that listt? I am being serious.

    Not only does the place have good Vietnamese and decent Middle Eastern grub (Milk & Honey has probably one of the best falafel sandwiches in town), it will have a Taco Joint very soon.

  • FRED

    “Cool” and “suburb” don’t go together…

    • John

      Snob much? Keep the filth, noise and crime of the city. I had it, I rejected it and now I live happily.

  • Jason Heid

    We gave Richardson an ambiance score of 76.

  • lytestreet

    And an Alamo Draft house etc. It’s the coolest suburb with the best food of any of those choices. Great schools too.

  • Artie Fufkin

    Fred hit it on the head. I love living in HP, but I would never describe it as “cool.” However, given the other choices, I guess HP or UP has got the be the winner.

  • RAB

    “Criteria” is plural. You meant “criterion.”

    • Jason Heid


  • David

    Rockwall should win this one

  • Susita82

    Rockwall in the lead!

  • maj

    Easy. Murphy, which while ranked #5 overall isn’t an option here.

  • James Faulkner

    I voted for Flower Mound. It’s been growing beautifully in recent years.

  • Brandon

    LOL – clearly an organized effort to vote up Rockwall…

  • Talmage Hansen

    I was thinking the same thing.

  • Angela Patterson

    Frisco!! We are home of the Cowboy$

    • John

      Best reason I can think of NOT to vote for Frisco.

  • Angela Patterson

    Frisco!!! We are home to the Cowboy$

    • Boden

      Frisco will never be home to the Cowboys. That would be Arlington.

    • Tbizzle

      Correction: Frisco is home to the Cowboy’s PRACTICE FIELD! Quit trying to be cool -we all know you have a long-A commute down an expensive tollway!!

  • diandrick

    Where is Frisco….That is #1…Period!

  • diandrick

    FRISCO…….Where is Frisco Really??? That is #1>> Period!

  • Jim Love

    So after “D” gets its results they’ll publish an issue that will consist of 50% ads they sold to the local communities in the survey, 40% ads sold to the “Best” lawyers, doctors, pet groomers, landscapers, botox injectors and 5% will maybe be devoted to editorial. This so called magazine is a joke to the publishing industry.

  • Scottk

    Sunnyvale is just some land and houses…there is nothing else. You have to go to Mesquite, Garland, Rockwall, etc. for anything else.

    • Tbizzle

      Sunnyvale is beautiful land and beautiful houses! You have to go to trashy Mesquite or Garland if you want to get robbed or shot!….Rockwall is aight!

  • Lance Luther

    Why is Wylie not on this list?

    • John

      Because you have to have more than one gas station to be considered.

  • francis coggins

    Rockwall, TX for sure, it shouldnt even be close.

  • Angela Patterson

    Arlington’s where they pop in and play a game. Frisco is where they will practice DAILY. Not to mention dine, shop and add to our tax base — plus all the fans who will pump money into our economy and make my home value continue to climb. Thanks for that.

  • Charles Giffin

    Voted Southlake, but meant Grapevine. Character with class! Definitely the cooolest city in the metroplex, Awesome lake, international airport, wineries everywhere! Cool!!!

  • Robin McCoy

    HP and UP are not suburbs…they are communities within Dallas….

  • Jonathan Lovitt

    Frisco? Why wouldn’t Frisco be on this list? Second fastest growing city in the country after all…

  • Marc Moffitt

    Denton… a few degrees cooler than Dallas

  • Marc Moffitt

    Denton… a few degrees cooler than Dallas

  • Tbizzle

    McKinney seems like it is Oklahoma. How is that suburb leading!?


  • Tbizzle

    When I think of “cool” places, Spring Valley Rd. in Richardson always comes to mind…. Keep it Klassy, Richardson.

  • Erin Ahlfinger

    Highland Park and University Park, by definition are not suburbs. They are smack in the heard of the city.

  • Erin Ahlfinger

    Highland Park and University Park are, by definition, not suburbs. They are smack in the heart of the city.

  • Harlan Papert

    I notice that Frisco is not listed. No problem. We know who we are.

  • Chrissy Cummons Allmann

    Rockwall should win, not only is it one of the best burbs, but any county that is second in the NATION for creating jobs and is the smallest county in Texas to boot……..that’s pretty amazing.

  • Monty N Sabina Suther

    Rockwall is the best!!!!!

  • Monty N Sabina Suther

    Rockwall is the best!

  • maj

    Well, someone has never taken his skinny jeans and his poodle out of his nest in Uptown.

  • Nichy Brown

    Oh PLEASE!!! The reason why Richardson is not on the list is because it’s become a bad neighborhood. You might as well add it to Forest Lane and Skillman!

  • DFWdon

    Frisco is not on the list for good reason because it a realtors scam….but McKinney? Ha! Then Oklahoma City must be REAL cool!

  • Bob Cannell

    For the “Cool suburb” is an oxymoron. Grow up. Adults raise kids, buy big houses, coach little league teams, volunteer in classrooms, pay property taxes that pay for poor neighborhoods too, have landscapers, decks, and smokers.

  • Shaun Chapman

    I lived in Mckiney and wouldnt call it the coolest…

  • RTown

    Nonsense Nichy. Richardson is basically attracting all the urbanites who can’t afford Dallas real estate. Cleary you haven’t been North of Spring Valley in 20 years.

  • RTown

    McKinney isn’t a suburb. Allen, Plano, Flower Mound, Southlake are “cool?” What are you guys smoking?

    Richardson is clearly the coolest suburb. It has the best ethnic food, bar none, in DFW. It is even better than Dallas on that score. You can pick the some of the best within just a few square miles of each other. It has well maintained neighborhoods that are diverse. The ones in the south have a funky groove. The ones going north are more “country club.” It has something for everyone in such a small space.

    • Bob Cannell

      So if you define a suburb by ethnic food Richardson wins. Yes, a lot of people in McKinney want a traditional American experience, not necessarily Chinese, Mexican, or Korean. If you want those things, nothing wrong with that, but it does not mean McKinney has less character. Country Clubs, and 150 year old town squares are cool.

  • Jimmy Moore

    In this instance, cool = homogenous, and in place of ethnic diversity one has Country Bumpkins, and Poor White Trash. Richardson gets my vote.

    • Anonymous

      So you need to be ethnically diverse to be cool? Kind of narrow minded don’t you think? And by the way you do know that Collin County is one of the wealthiest counties in the country right?

  • Pep

    I taught in Richardson for a number of years. Great schools, but cool it is not. I agree on the comments about the ethnic food that people bring up, but there is a lot more to a community than that. You have the Cottonwood festival in the spring and that’s about it. People shop elsewhere and do activities outside of Richardson a lot. Not a close knit community. No buy in because of it’s diversity. I like Richardson so don’t get me wrong. Just valid points why I don’t think it should be on the list.

  • McKinney

    Of course McKinney won, it also won Money magazine’s “Best Places To Live 2014”, which wasn’t a poll.