Poll: Does Gov. Rick Perry Deserve This?

What do you think of the Travis County indictment of the governor?

Gov. Rick Perry  (photo: The Texas Tribune/Flickr)
Gov. Rick Perry (photo: The Texas Tribune/Flickr)

While we’re all eagerly awaiting Zac Crain’s next exclusive interview with Gov. Rick Perry, I thought we’d turn the matter of Perry’s guilt regarding his indictment by a Travis County grand jury over to you, dear FrontBurnervians.


  • Neil

    It was my understanding that the criminal complaint was brought by a special prosecutor who used to work in the George HW Bush administration and was appointed by a Republican judge in Bexar County, not the Travis County DA.

  • micahwiener

    The entire premise of this poll is flawed. Perry was indicted by a grand jury, not the Travis County DA. Not that you’d know that if you listened to the Governor’s booking press conference yesterday. He’s managed to frame the narrative in a manner that people believe the DA is acting in revenge, when that is fundamentally untrue. I’d expect Fox News to run a poll like this, but I’d expect a little bit better from D’s politics reporter.

  • AmyS

    A special prosecutor (independent of both Perry and whats her name) looked at the issue and decided there was enough evidence of the breaking of laws to bring it before a grand jury. The grand jury looked at the evidence and said there was enough for a trial. It will be up to a jury to decide if Perry’s behavior, in total, crossed a legal line.

    And if Perry had kept his mouth shut back then, none of this would be an issue.

  • Bippy Izod

    You should never expect D Magazine to be to the left of Fox News. The O&O had his lips surgically attached to Perry’s butt years ago and thus all those that have theirs surgically attached to the O&O of D are by way are automatically considered Perry’s AK’s….A/K/A DOOAK’S. Their devotion is deep and 4ever. To them RP is simply misunderstood.




    Gov Perry is being railroaded by a bunch of jealous hearted scum!

    • Brett Moore

      Balanced, nuanced, and considered. I like it.